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Grieving can be defined in many ways. It is subjective depending on someone's feeling or state of being. Thus, it is a strong emotion that we want to divert to something that will release comfort from the pain we feel. That is why there are beads for bracelets. 

Beads can be used for many things. For some, it is an ornament for their dresses or household. Others use beads for making unique jewellery for their loved ones. They say the easiest way to make a bracelet is through using beads. That tells the truth because it has holes where the chain bracelet holds them together. Choosing beads depends on the color you would like to have for your bracelets. On the other hand, you can use bead bracelet as follows:

  • You can allow your children to play with it to restrain them from moving around.
  • For other young girls, they would think as a sign of growing up and will eventually behave themselves like one.

Aside from these things, beads bracelets are used as memorial jewellery for the departed loved one that families would like to commemorate. It serves as a representation of the person. More families are now into having beads jewellery than the usual ones that we know. 

Moreover, possessing special accessories such as beads for bracelets is something that can’t be stolen. According to research, being bereaved means you are deprived of something or someone. This is why beads bracelets are created, and they want to fill in the gaps of loved ones. It will not replace the person in your heart, but it will be the bridge for you to connect and never forget your loved ones. 

Many religions in the world use beads. It helps them pray, meditate and think about life. Beads are used worldwide, that we no longer see them as unusual because we are already used to them. But why would you use beads for your loved ones' ash remains?

  1. Beads are symbols of hope. Beads are the most used element in making prayer jewellery. That is why people are starting to think that it symbolizes hope. It is only valid when you believe it and experience it. 
  2. God is in control. We often associate our prayer with prayer jewellery. When we use beads, jewelry, or bracelets, we also mean that we lift them to the heavens above whatever that we have in our hands. We pray with it, and we lift our hands with it. 
  3. Fastest and easiest element to make. If you want to make your memorial bracelets even more unique, you can choose to have beads for bracelets. It is because you can do your way of creating your bracelet. If you are looking for customization and an easy way to do your memorial bracelets, then you can choose to have beads for the bracelet.

Some families would like to create a memorial jewellery of their own. They can have the ashes of their loved ones to be sent to a memorial jewellery store to convert into beads, and once it has been done, they can claim it and personally design the bead bracelet they would like to have. It would be an excellent family bonding, and it is also a stress reliever.

It is a unique piece of jewellery that is now rising to be known to others. Its uniqueness may represent your family's values and the person's attitude towards life. And a representation of your loved one when they are still alive. 

There is no greater joy than being able to assure ourselves that our loved ones lived in us for the rest of our lives.  

Human beings are creative. We are even more creative when we know that what we are doing will benefit our loved ones and us. We pour our hearts into everything we do, especially when we want to honor the life of our departed loved ones. It is why when we choose beads, we are meticulous and want them to be perfect. 

This is because we want to make sure that what we give to our loved ones is the best and not what is left of everything. They deserve all the efforts we put in and having a detailed bead bracelet would be even more memorable because they know that it is crafted perfectly for them by you. The smile on their faces is your greatest reward after all the hard work you put in it. 

It will give you an unexplainable joy when you see them happy amidst losing someone in your family. And you know that what you did was right because getting a bead bracelet will make them the most satisfied people in the world. It is because you give them a thing that can't be taken away from them-memories. They would remember the beautiful memories while continuing to move forward in the future.