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We all love to hear music. Whether it is a simple bird humming outside your window in the morning or the kind of music we play on our phones. We love hearing them because it sets the mood of your day. It also helps the brain process things, and it would be much better if you have your memorial rings for ashes with you.

These two (2) are of great help if you are looking for peace in your mind. Music may sound uninteresting for people who are coming up. But if you have good music and a unique piece of the memorial ring, you will find the solemnity you are looking for. According to research people, who listen to music will find the emotion they need to understand what they feel;

  • Happiness

  • Listening to music is good therapy for people who are looking for happiness in their life. But listening to good music will give you the understanding that you are looking for. Thus, it is the feeling that everyone wants to feel if they are in sadness. 

  • Freedom

  • When we listen to good music that we can relate to our present state of emotion, we find freedom. It is as if they know that we want to hear that kind of music and in the same situation as ours. That is why listening to music that you will understand will give you peace of mind. 

  • Silence

  • Sometimes we want to be alone and be silent. We don't want to talk to anyone while processing the pain. But we need good music to accompany us. 

  • Peace

  • It is hard to calm a troubled heart because of grieving. But great music is also like a great listener. You will find good music and understanding it will give you peace of mind. 

  • Sadness

  • Not all good music will make you happy. There are kinds of music that will make you feel sad because of the lyrics of the song. When you fully understand the meaning and to whom it is dedicated. That is when the music hits you hard that will even make you cry. 

  • Excitement

  • The kind of music that mirrors someone's feeling when they are excited about things or an event. When you listen to music, whenever you feel elevated. It is reflected in your body gestures and facial expression. Upbeat music is one example for people who are looking for music that will define their excitement. 

    Music can help people understand what they feel depending on what music they want to hear. But for people who are grieving, it is their escape from the world of reality. These people need a time out from all the sadness they see after losing a loved one. It is also their way of expressing themselves about what happened. 

    What they do is a temporary solution to cope up with every day. They don't have a concrete plan yet of how they will cope up with grief. Thus, listening to music is the only way they see as a solution to their problem. They want to immerse themselves in a world where everyone is happy. 

    After burying the deceased loved ones, you are deceived to have their remains in a memorial ring for ashes to preserve the memories. It is the time where emotions change. It is because you have already said your final goodbye to them. Even though there is still sadness left in your heart, you know you can start the process of moving on.

    Some people stop listening to music when they already have things that will divert their attention. But for others, they go back to listening to the music because they know that it would still help them in their coping process. Your healing and coping up process would be even more effective if you have inspiration aside from your family to see life the way you used to. Your memorial ring will serve as your additional motivation. 

    Both your memorial ring for ashes and your favorite music can relieve from all the things that bother you;

    • stress
    • anxiety
    • uneasy feeling
    • delusions

    Your memorial ring will help you relive the life of your loved one. It will help you remember the happiest moments you have with them. Thus, it is also your reminder that you will get through the tough times of your life. You can have it as a source of strength when you feel weak and down. 

    On the other hand, listening to good music decreases the possibility of thinking undesirable things. It will help you avoid unnecessary thoughts about life. Nevertheless, when you have good music and your memorial ring for ashes, you will survive each day. 

    A great choice of music will help you get through the day. But if it combines with a beautiful token of wonderful memories, it would create an array of colors that will become your favorite scenery.