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We are nothing but a piece of a puzzle that makes the world complete. It is how other people perceive life as they live on it. As we complete the puzzle board, the more curious we can get about the result it will give us. Like our lives, we meet new people and get to share important events in our lives. And then we get to see them bid goodbye and turn into ashes that we want to remember. Ash that we turn into a personalized ashes jewellery

Others are still figuring out the mystery of the puzzle game that leads them, figuring out which way of life they will take. And thinking will it lead them for the better or to failure. There are also times that we like to think of things that people would like us to be remembered with when we are no longer part of this world. Something that would represent the life we spent and how we want them to treasure it. 

How often do we think the best way to keep someone's memory or how others can remember them? We think of these things because we would like to imagine how the world will remember us and how they would keep our memories at the back of our minds. But before we think of ourselves being in that situation, we experience firsthand how to lose someone we value and love. We want to make sure that the people will remember them for the next generation. That is why we invest in things that will last for a lifetime, like a personalized ashes jewellery for our loved ones. 

We sometimes forget that we need to be creative in remembering our deceased loved ones. But having a personalized reminder of your loved ones will help you heal the pain from losing them. It adds a new color to your world. The darkness that overtakes the bright colors of your life will change with the new color that will help you start a new journey. 

It is innate to us people that we always expect something in return if we invest in something. But are you getting for having a piece of memorial jewellery with you? Here's why:


  • It overtakes the frown.

  • When we lose someone in our lives, we are either sad or grumpy because of the emotion we have inside that we don't understand. We get easily angered by everyone around us. We send people away from us. Having something that will help you remember that frowning will not help you overcome the pain is better. 

    That is why personalizing memorial jewellery with the ashes of your loved ones will overtake the frowning moments that you have. It will remind you that sending people who care for you away is not a good thing. And if frowning has been overthrown, you will realize that life is good with something that will remind you of that person. 

    1. It helps you control your emotions. 

    When we are sad, we have things in mind that we would like to do. We don't evaluate and think before doing it because our emotions take over things for us. But when you have something that will remind you not to rush things and decide when you already see the possibilities of your action. It is not that the memorial jewellery will take over things for you. But it will help you get through something because you will be reminded that rushing things would not get you to the result you are looking for in the end.

    1. It will help you complete the missing piece of your puzzle game. 

    Losing a loved one is like losing a piece of your puzzle. It will no longer be complete because you already lost one of the essential parts of the game. It's the same when we lose our loved ones. When we lose them, they take a piece of us with them. But when we are part of memorial jewellery representing their being in our lives, it helps us be complete again. 

    The person you lost when they passed away will be back to life because your loved ones left something you can treasure for the rest of your life. Something that you can take care of and keep. With this, it will make you feel that you are whole again. It does not replace the person's memory in you, but it is an aid whenever you miss them. 

    The missing pieces in your puzzle can't be replaced with any other puzzle pieces for another board. But it can still look as if nothing is missing if you draw or make something that makes it whole. It is like how we see things when our loved ones are gone. We think that we can no longer be whole again. But with the help of our family, friends, and a piece of memorial jewellery we can be complete again.