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Walking in the unknown path called grieving is hard. We need to take the road either alone or with family. And the choices that we make affect everything that we will do tomorrow. It includes getting an urn jewellery for the rest of the family members. 

We take roads that we have never yet taken. It is a stranger to us like the emotion we acquire after losing a loved one. When you are taking the road of grief, you wrap yourself with a coat to feel warm amidst the cold weather. You know that overlay will give you the warmth that you are longing for. It is like the hug of that person that comforts you whenever you are in despair. 

As you move forward to get to the end of the road, you will experience obstacles. You may stumble and fall along the way because of these obstacles. Every step makes the feeling get heavier as well. You are taking a lonely road that will give you chills. 

And when the night comes- and rain pours, you will get wet and might stumble down because of the rocky road of silence you are taking. Dark skies will cover the moon that lights up your way to the end. Swaying trees will strike you with an intense wind that adds the coldness of the night. 

Along the way, you will hear yourself crying because of these hardships. It will make you give up and go back from where you started. Taking this road will test your determination and patience in finishing this walk to reach the end of the road. 

It is the same with our life. When we lose people in the family who are very significant in our lives, we feel empty and lost. Everything is dark to us. The light has hidden its face towards us. We sometimes feel betrayed because of all the plans we made with them. And those plans will be left untouched and unexecuted because they are gone. 

We want to move on from what happened. But there are the things that will hold us back and wanting to go back from where we started. People will talk about us. They are either concerned, or they only want to gossip about what happened. It will affect us, and it can be the reason that hinders us from moving forward in life. 

Aside from these things, we also battle with our inner self; 

  • Willingness

We have a battle with our surroundings that affects our growth as an individual. We also have combat within ourselves, our willingness and determination to reach this goal in life. 

  • Reasons

We can't fight a battle without any reason behind it. Whether it is for our well-being or our family, there must be a reason for it. It can be for your mental, physical or emotional well-being. It is anything important to you or your family. 

These aspects in your battle can tremendously affect your journey towards reaching the end of your fight against grief. But your decision of buying an urn jewellery as a diversion of attention can affect your take about how you feel. It will help you get through your way of freeing yourself from the grief you are feeling after losing your loved one.

It is a good reminder of what it feels like to have them around you every day. It can also tell a story of how you take the road of life while having it with you. It can also be the witness of your struggles and wins in life. It is a symbol of how your family heals from the deep wound caused by the passing of your loved one. 

We may take different roads in life. And walk with them uniquely, but we are all the same in one thing- our goals to reach the end of the road. To answer our what-ifs and to know what is the end of the road. We may stumble down because of some challenges. But we need to get up and stand up to continue walking for us to be able to reach our goal. 

Life is the road that we take every day. We take different streets to reach our destinations. We meet and lose people that contributed to almost everything we have. We cry because we sometimes lose our way home, but we never give up on walking the same path every day. We try to take a different way, but we fail. That is why we need to walk on the same road every day until we can walk with it even if we close our eyes. 

It is like facing all our grieves and fears in life after we lose our loved ones. We don't know where to start after we lose them. But with the help of our family members, friends, and urns jewellery, we can get back on track.