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As we adapt to the modernization of the world, people are creating things that will help us live in a healthy environment. This modernization aids the need to have an alternative way to make things less toxic and the environment liveable. This lead for the funeral services offers biodegradable urns for loved ones who passed away.


It is a new way to preserve a loved one's remains. People nowadays are health conscious and environmentally conscious. That is why biodegradable urns are in demand, and it is making a name in the funeral service industry. To respect and protect the environment, a lot of people are shifting to biodegradable things;


  1. Utensils
  2. Cooking materials
  3. Urns


It changes the perspective of humans in using other kinds of things. It set a standard for other people. But using biodegradable urns for your loved ones' ashes is fine. It will make you feel that the jar is one with nature.


Here are the things you would like to consider getting biodegradable urns:


  1. Biodegradable urns are made from scratch papers, coconut shells, and other recycled materials.
  2. It is good for the environment. Since it is not made out of any toxic materials, it helps improve the way of living of loved ones. 
  3. It is good in the environment


But what is a biodegradable urn? It is an urn that holds the remains of your loved ones and is made out of recycling materials. 


  • Biodegradable urns are not for everyone because these types of urns are decomposing. They would not last longer than the usual urns we buy. But what is nice about it is that it is environmentally friendly. 
  • You can use this type of urns if you are scattering all your loved ones' ashes and nothing will remain inside. 
  • You can keep the ashes but the urn will decompose. If the jar is made out of clay, it will decompose easily and will be combined with the remains inside the jar.

There are tons of things you can do with the biodegradable urn. You don't need to stick with the traditional scattering and burying of urns. You create your way of what you will with it. 


When you bury the urns, you can also plant a tree on top of it so that you will have a reminder of your loved one through that tree. Once you already have a tree, underneath put a bench so you can sit while visiting your loved one.


Having an urn will save you money from buying a big space to bury your loved ones. With urns, you can easily carry them around and put them into a place where they are visible. You need to choose an urn that is suitable for your taste and needs. There are a lot of urns that you can choose. But you need to check all the things you wanted in an urn before deciding to buy it. 


You need to choose what are the things you need in an urn, including;


  1. Durability. You need to check if the urn that you are choosing will pass the standard of durability you are looking for. Since there are a lot of urn options to choose from, you may want to have a checklist to see what type of urn you will get.
  2. Purpose. As someone who wants to have an urn, you need to know the reason why you want to have an urn aside from needing it for the ashes of your loved one. You need to see if you are looking into the longevity of the item or just within a short time that you are looking. 
  3. Design. That doesn't mean that it's an urn, you can't choose how it would be designed but you can personalize the urns for your loved one or friends. You need to choose a design with her favorite color, quote, or have the name engraved on the urn.
  4. Quality. Choosing the right urn is a hard decision and making sure that it is of the right quality. That is why we need to check the quality of the urns we choose before paying them. 


It is hard to decide what kind of urn you would like to have for your loved ones. But with this guide, you will know what type of urn you would like to have. There are plenty of reasons why trying a biodegradable urn is worth the risk. 


It is an innovation. You are upgrading the traditional way of burying and commemorating a loved one. Innovation is the scariest thing. You will either fail or succeed with this type of process.