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Grandmothers are the best in advising about life—their teachings are used by our mothers to discipline us. When we lost them, we lost the root that makes the tree grow. But we like to remember them through simple things that we can honor them, like keepsake jewellery for ashes. It gives a comforting feeling that you have a piece of jewellery that represents her. 

You miss her talks and visit your home, but she remains alive in your heart whenever you wear this piece. All the things that you do with her will be unusual because she is no longer with you. She may read you a book to a sleepover when she sleepovers at your house cooking your favorite food. 

You will miss everything about her. Yet, you will be reminded that she never left. She just peacefully rests in a different place called heaven and watching over you. Here are few things that you will surely miss doing with your grandparents and the things you can do with your piece of jewellery;

  • You will miss her laughter


As grandparents visit our home, we always hear their laughter because, according to them, grandchildren bring joy to the family. That is why when she's gone, you will surely miss the way she laughs whenever you do things that amuse her. But you can have the jewellery where her ashes are mixed to how she giggles and sees you as your source of smile. You can remember with that she is that jewellery. 

  • You will miss how she tells you things were during her time.


Grandparents like storytelling; the topic is their life during either the world war or when technology is not advanced yet. But grandmothers want to compare things that people usually do in their homes to their likes during their time. They would tell you the things they used to pamper their hair, how they do their make-ups, and how your grandfather courted them. You can have keepsake jewellery as a fashion statement that others will adore, but they can't have it because it is unique and special.

  • You will miss the way she calls you by your name or the endearment she made for you.


When we are still young, our grandparents will give us a pet name that only they know. Once they pay a visit to your home, you will know they are your guest because of this pet name from the doorstep or when they are already seated in the living area. They like to see your presence. But when we grow up, we feel embarrassed with these pet names, and they would feel sad because you wouldn't want to call by your pet name. But later on, they would understand that you are growing up and you need to be addressed by your given name.

  • You will miss how their eyes twinkle when they see you and your family. 

Their happiness is shown in their eyes, how they sparkle and twinkle whenever they see you. You and your family members are the light that makes their blues away. Happiness is visible when you look them in the eyes. Their eyes will speak for words that can't be utter. It will communicate how they are delighted to see you and satisfied seeing you and your family. You can have the keepsake jewellery as the light whenever the darkness of missing covers you. It will serve as the light unto the path where the beautiful memories you shared with her. 

Though the list goes on of the things, you will miss your grandmothers when they are gone. As their grandchildren, we want to keep them in our sight and our arms forever, but we can't grieve that like no one would understand. Some people will understand us and comfort us. 

We also want to comfort our parents for what they feel and be strong whenever we face them. But we can't hide the pains we feel inside. We need to cry. We have to release the pain that is building inside us. We need to allow ourselves to grieve. Do not hide your emotions from others. You can tell your friends and other family members what you are going through so they can help you.  

You can tell your parents how they can keep your grandmother's memory alive. You can suggest to them to wear the keepsake jewellery every day to remember her and not leave her every time there are situations related to her. You are comforting them and giving them an idea of how they will keep her memory alive. You can also calm yourself or your parents by playing a song to help them feel at peace amid their pain. 

It is hard to console yourself for losing a grandmother and comforting your parents too. But make them remember all the good things she has done in the family. You can also learn to cook the food that she loves and share them with other family members. 

Learn to pray. It will help you meditate and relax. And, make sure you bond with your family often so they won't feel the emptiness. You need each other at times like this. You are each other's shoulder to cry on and a living diary. 

Furthermore, you can share good memories you had with your loved ones while talking to a friend and a relative. It will help you recover from misery because you know someone is willing to listen to you. 

Never forget all the beautiful memories you have created with your grandmother because those are the moments you would like to remember whenever you miss her. Those memories will either make you sad or happy. But most of the time, it will put a smile on your face.

Aside from the beautiful memories, make sure that you apply all her teachings in your life to honor her, for we know that grandmother's teaching is the rule book of the family.