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Confidence is something that any person in the world would want for themselves. It comes with confidence, even if it's a simple wave to a friend or saying hello to someone you would like to get along with. And when you lose someone in your life, it will significantly affect your confidence level. It will mainly consume so much of your time. Some people slowly decrease their confidence after losing a loved one. Have something that will remind them what confidence is and who they were when they were alive, like chamber jewellery of ashes. 

How does confidence affect someone's behaviour? It affects most or all aspects of a person. How they react, how they deal with people and respond to it. Confidence is part of it. A person who lacks confidence can easily be distracted and shy. Most of these people are introverted. They would rather be alone in the house and their comfort zone because they are nervous and afraid of trying out new things. But not all; some introverts have a great confidence level. 

It also has a significant impact on how a person deals with their grief. We all have different ways of coping with our griefs, and part of how we deal with it is our confidence level. Our confidence is our self-esteem. The higher the self-esteem is, the higher the confidence level we have for ourselves and vice versa. And people who are in the processing of overcoming pain and grief are mainly decreasing their confidence level. 

It is still there but barely surviving, and for some, they still have the same confidence level they used to have, but they translate into actions different from the usual. That is how powerful confidence is and how it is. It builds someone's image or affects the decision they make in life. But the lives of people who lost their confidence level because they lost someone they love and value are different. 

For people who lost their loved ones, it is hard to regain the confidence level they used to have because of many aspects. Before they have their confidence back, they will encounter hindrances and many storms in their life. But if the person is determined to have their faith back to life, they work with it. They want it back because of a lot of things. 


A confidence level is a motivator.

The person's confidence is their motivation to move forward in life when they know that the path they take now will lead them to something that they would benefit from and help get over the pain of losing a loved one. It indicates how confident the person is even if they would stumble upon many hardships in life. The confidence level will go along with your determination in life. 

Confidence does not only apply when facing trials in your life, but even when you wake in the morning and see things positively- that is confidence.

The person who passed away

The confidence level of the person is determined by how they handle the difficult situation. This applies when someone you know or a loved one passes away. If the person is very close to your heart, it would significantly affect your confidence level and how you can talk to people and deal with things with them. Most especially if the person is your source of confidence and the person you look up in all aspects of your life. It can be your parents, your sister or anyone in your family. 

Their passing will significantly affect how you will face the future and will affect your self-esteem. And if it's an acquainted friend or person, they would still affect you, but it will depend on the reason they passed away. Yet, it hits you differently than how you are with your loved ones. And they still have an impact on how you determine your future and plan it, too. 

Making Decisions. 

When a person has low self-esteem, they tend to rely on other people to make decisions. They want to make other people responsible for them instead of taking care of it for themselves. And this goes with people who are still recovering from a significant pain they experienced when they lost a loved one. They can't make reasonable decisions because they are emotionally unstable and lack the confidence they need. That is why they are relying on other people they know or a family member. 

If they make decisions for themselves, they will seek a lot of opinion and advice on how they can deal with a particular situation because they are not focused, and they lose the sense of control over the even they are in. The confidence they need is not only on the physical aspect but with their emotions too. They need to know where they are in their grief. They need to assess themselves before they can have the confidence back, and it takes a lot of realization in life until you finally set your mind straight to be confident once again.