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After losing a pet, we always want something that reminds us of them. We want to create things that are dedicated solely to our dear pets. Unleashing creativity in us is a little bit harder than it seems to be. But when we do it for our pets, hard work is the understatement of love. Like how we can put their ashes in a ring for ashes we can wear anywhere we go and does not give us creeps. 

There are a lot of ideas that would pop out in our minds, but only a few are the things we can do, especially when we are busy. That is why we need to check all the ideas that we have at hand or research before creating—inspiration for the piece of art that we are going to unfold. On top of the art and masterpiece, fur parents can honour their fur babies by writing poems or letters. 

Writing is also one way of showing how we feel about losing our pet, and it will help us untangle all the pains we have in our hearts. Thus, we can write the things that we planned for them if they are still alive. It can be hard when you start, but you already know the words and what type of writing you will be doing. You can start brainstorming for the comments and ideas you want to write.  

You don't need to perfect it when you are writing for the first time. But you need to have a heart and the emotions that you want to convey in your writing. If it is your first time writing a poem, letter or story about your deceased pet, you can start by reminiscing the feeling they are still around. And, you can also check these tips in writing a poem or a story. 

Do draft (Brainstorming for ideas)

If you are writing to honour your pets and you want to convey to your reader or audience how beautiful the life of your pet was when they were still alive, you need to draft the ideas that you want to read and feel in your piece. It is not the final masterpiece yet, but you are starting to create one by doing so. 

It can be hard at the beginning because instead of having so many ideas, you will end up crawling in bed crying. After all, you miss them. That is okay. That is normal. No grieving fur parents can easily surpass the time of grieving so quickly. It takes time to heal and feel alright. But what's good is that you are processing to be okay by writing something about them. And if your pet is here to listen to it, they will be pleased. 

Start writing

When you start writing, you will have tons of scratches and changing ideas because you want to make sure that everything you want is written on paper. There will be a lot of pieces scattered on the floor because you keep on changing to new papers. It is either it will be wet with tears because you miss them and cry instead of writing. 

You want to quit doing it in the middle of it because you are frustrated and no longer wish to continue. But it would help if you remembered to whom you are dedicating the story or poem. Since you are doing it for your pets, you can take a pause and look at their photos for inspiration and get some motivation. 

Write from your heart.

The essential material in your writing is your love for your pets. You will not be doing and trying new things if you don't love them. You are doing this because you want to honour them and remember the moments you have shared. When you are writing, you are releasing all the emotions inside. Whether it is negative or good, you can remove it. 

Writing can be therapeutic for introverts who don't want to socialize with people more often. It is the avenue you need to express what you truly feel and let your pet know that you are still thinking about them. They may not hear it when reading in front of your family members and some closest friends. But you know that they appreciate that you are doing it for them.

It may be simple, but the simplest thing in the world is the best thing. The simple things made with a lot of love and effort are worth it to be treasured. When you are creating a masterpiece, you need a heart and inspiration to make it. Your inspiration is your pet, and the feeling of wanting to stay by their stay until you are grey and old is what drives you  to make it work. It is the kind of masterpiece for a remarkable living creature that made your whole world the happiest place you have ever been.