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We can't get things from the people around us that our dear pets can provide. They are the ones who fill in the missing space for other people. The most painful experience is when you lose the only thing that makes you feel alive. And having a keepsake memorial jewellery can lessen the pain a little bit, for it has the remains of the image of your pet. 

Even though they are gone, the lessons that they have taught us will remain. Lessons that we can reflect on in our daily lives. They say that pets can't teach you things, but they can teach you something that you have never imagined will happen in your life when you have one. You may not observe while they are still alive, but as soon as you recall all the things you have done with them, you will realize the lesson it gives you. 

Give someone a chance to prove themselves.

If you disliked having pets in the past but were gifted by a friend or someone in your family adopted a pet, you have no choice but to take care of them. Then you have given them a chance to introduce themselves to you and get to know them- vice versa. Later on, you became attached to the pet and created a bond that no one else in the family has. 

They have taught you to be open to possibilities the world can give you. Even though they passed away, this lesson remains in your mind, heart, and whole being for the rest of your life. 

Your presence is enough.

When other people demand a lot from you and you have to keep up with it every day, and you have no choice to be who they want you to be is suffocating. It is also tiring to survive each day. But when you go home and see your pet jumping in happiness, seeing you is enough to erase your stress. 

For your pets, your presence around the house is enough for them to be happy. You don't need to try to be someone else to keep up the standard of everybody. They don't need too much, but your presence is enough. 

Your pet taught you how to be grateful.

It is not always that we will encounter a stranger who would help us in times of trouble. If they have helped us, we need to be grateful to them. That is also what our pets feel when we have adopted and raised them. They are so thankful for our existence because they feel loved and pampered. 

Our pets are grateful for all the things we do for them. It does not matter if it is big or small. They are always appreciative and will become even more loyal than they have been. And if you have observed that you are even more grateful than usual, then your pet has taught you something good before they passed away. 

Overwork is futile without rest. 

Suppose you may have observed that our pets love sleeping and playing. That is how their lives rotate throughout the day. Sometimes we teach them little things that they can do for themselves without us. All of these things may not apply to you as a human, but this only means that you need to have time for yourself. 

Working is essential because that is your bread and butter. But you need to know that you have to rest to regain strength for the next day. You don't need to overwork yourself. It would help if you found to relax and to stay away from the business of life. It does not mean that you have to be lazy, but you need to pause for the time being. 

At some point, you may realize this when they are already gone, and no one will remind you every day that you need to pause when things are getting fast. But it is never too late to keep them in mind. It will surely make your pet happy if they have seen you relax and have time for yourself. 


You need to enjoy it now.

    Sometimes, we are practical and think of what the future holds for us without realizing that our now is essential. But when you have observed your pets, they like to live their lives and enjoy it. You don't have to spend all the savings you have to enjoy now, but you have to take things slowly and appreciate the things you missed every time you are in a hurry. 

    Your now is what makes your tomorrow. It is not your past but what you have at hand right now. It is because when they are all gone, that is only the time you realize that the time has passed and you never get a chance to glance at the beauty hidden in all the things that surround you. 

    That is what your pet makes you realize now, even though they are gone and can no longer appreciate things with you. But they have left something that will last for the rest of your life.