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Colors can represent the emotions you feel when you lose someone you love. These colors can indicate the intensity of feeling you have inside. You can use them in describing to other people what you are going through right now, especially if you have a family member who is blind. You can also have these colors added to the ashes chamber pendants that you have for your loved one.


It will add character to your personalized memorial jewellery. But if you don't know yet what colors represent certain emotions or the meaning, you may consider checking these out:




Some people like purple because it describes wealth to them and it is pleasing to the eyes. It is a privilege that they already have and can brag about it. But on the other hand, purple also describes sorrow. It is the color for someone who lost their loved one. That is why some people would wear purple during the wake of someone they know or the wake of their loved one. But you can find only a few people who would wear purple at a funeral. 




Other people describe white as purity and innocence, but there is a deep meaning of white for other people. It is the color that represents their mourning for losing someone they loved. White is the color you usually see during funerals, but you can use it as the color for your ashes pendant to describe how you feel about the situation and your loss. You can personalize your charm with this color because white also represents cleanliness and peace.




It is the standard color you see whenever there is someone passed away and during burial. But black also represents elegance and power. If you choose to have this color in your ashes pendant, it will impress others that you like elegant things and are from an affluent family. On the other hand, black describes the feeling of depression. It can tell your situation and the feeling you have after days of their burial. 




It describes the dullness of the days when you lost something that makes your day shine so bright. But gray also represents a characteristic of a person that is intelligent and conservative. You can have this color if you like other people to see how your loved one was when they are still alive. And it will also strike a good impression on people. 




It is the color that represents calmness and healing. Having this color on your pendant will help you find peace. It also means healing because it has the same color as the leaves in the tree and the grass in the land. And whenever you see them, you feel calm and at peace. You find healing in watching them sway as the wind blows. 




It describes the things that girls want. 

And also the colors that represent girls. But pink means love, caring, and nurturing. If you choose to have this color to be in your pendant chamber, you describe your loved one as a caring and loving person. This color catches people's attention because of its stunning color. But this color is not only for women. Men can also have this color if they like. 




It is rare to represent someone for ashes chamber pendants, but that's what makes it beautiful because they are unique and one of a kind. Orange describes the creativity and enthusiasm of a person. Choosing this color would mean you want to showcase the person's life as creative and full of energy. They are unique in everything they do. 




You will not see this color be worn in a funeral or burial unless it is the last request of the person before they passed away. But yellow represents liveliness, happiness, and comfort. You can have this color added to the chamber pendant to carry the person's lively character and face the future with joy. It will help you find the comfort you need because yellow stands out among others. After all, it shines like the sun. 




It means warmth, desire, anger, and many more. But red also represents love and bravery. You are brave to face all the battles in life because you love the person. Even though it is hard to battle forgetting the pain of losing them, you want to survive it to better your future. 




The relaxing color will help you find confidence in the things you do. Whenever you feel down and a little bit uncertain about something, you can look at any color brown in your surroundings. It will help you feel relaxed. It also represents genuine and endurance. You are true to yourself. You are not doing good in coping with your loss, and you are enduring everything for everyone you love. 


These are the colors you can choose if you want to have the chamber pendant be lively and unique for your loved ones and yourself. No matter what color you would like to choose, as long as it is for your comfort and peace, you can have it.