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But more of that, it also symbolizes tOut of anything that would best describe life, the tree is the only thing that stands out among the others. It is because of something called the tree of life that everyone refers to as the best example of our life's journey. he strength of a father. He is the one who gives the family strengths and provides the family's needs when mommy is at home tending you and your siblings. When you lost your father, you can have a tree of life necklace that will remind you that your daddy is the best tree you ever had in your life.

They are irreplaceable. Even if how many trees you see and will help you grow as a new tree, they will never replace the biggest and handsome you have seen in your entire life. Your father is the tree, and you are the branches that he upholds until they are ready to bear leaves and fruits. We carry his last name and would cherish it for the rest of our lives. 

Aside from that, there are many things that the tree of life symbolizes. Here are some of the meanings of the tree of life;


Since trees are the natural things that we can see in our surroundings, it helps us feel at peace, especially with its soothing colours to the eyes. It will help you attain the peace that you want after grieving for your father. It gives the calmness of the earth amidst the chaotic state of mind because of losing someone you rely on in the family. When you are still in the process of accepting things and on the verge of getting your goal, but you feel that you may stumble and will take a turn back from where you started. Because you lost in the middle of the way, you can have the tree of life necklace that you have to set you back in shape.

Take a break and surround yourself with a greeny view, which will help you cast all your confusion and anxiety in mind. Relax your mind and never think of anything that will ruin your break. It would help if you changed your routine a little bit to take a deep breath and inhale the fresh air it gives you. 


Some people say that the tree of life means strength because of the natural characteristics of a tree. Trees are firm and not easily borne down. Big trees can hold heavy objects without bending down. They are not easily destroyed when a storm comes. That is why people are sometimes describing life or comparing life in a tree. It is because we have different strengths and capabilities. But big waves in our lives come, making sure that we give out our best through it. 


The tree of life also symbolizes the growth of a person. Like how a father nurtures his children to the person they will become in the future. Your father planted good things in you while growing so that one day you will become an excellent example to the next generation. You will evolve into someone that people will respect. That is what the tree of life symbolizes in someone's life. 


It symbolizes connection. You and your father have a special relationship that no one outside your family can compare. It is something you want to treasure forever. That is why having a tree of life necklace will give you a long-lasting assurance that your relationship with your father will not end when they pass away. It will remain for the rest of your life. 

It is also the bond that represents the bond he had with your mother—their love for each other 's beautiful children. They have a different bond as husband and wife. Your mother will feel the loneliness the most after your father passed away because she lost the person she can lean on and her other half. But the connection they have as husband and wife will never end, it will remain, and forever it will be. 

New beginning

Your father wants you to see beautiful things ahead of you. He wants you to treasure every moment but does not want you to dwell on the pain of missing him. He wants you to start a new journey and go on with the life you want to have. The plans that you had shared with him when he was still alive. And the plans you are making after he's gone. 

Fathers always want the best for their families. You may feel the emptiness of losing him today, but know that he never leaves you. He remains in your heart and will never leave. He never stops caring because, with the tree of life necklace you have, you will be there to remind you that he will always be there to guide you along the way.