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We are in the modern generation today, and most people want to have either instant or quick solutions for all their problems. And today, we are introduced to the new way of burying our departed loved ones, cremation ashes. It is a way of turning the remains of your loved ones into ashes through cremation. Understandably, some people don't fully understand the concept of cremation. 

They would think that it will give them a lot of headaches if they go for cremating their loved ones, and some are just not into doing cremation because it will take away the traditional funeral service. They are also hesitant to do cremation ashes because they don't know what they are getting. 

There are a lot of factors why people don't want to do cremation. But here are some facts that you may want to know or tell a friend or someone in your family;

  • You can still do a funeral service after the cremation

  • Understandably, the families would still like to hold a funeral service for their loved ones to commemorate their lives. Some may think cremation will steal that opportunity. However, your family can still have a funeral service for your departed loved ones by placing their urns in front like the standard funeral service and surround it with flowers. You can also put a large photo of them so people can remember their beautiful faces.

    1. Your family can bury the cremated remains of your loved ones.

    Even though you decided to have cremated the remains of your loved ones, you can still bury them. You can buy a small plot where you will bury the urns with the ashes. It would be best if you made sure that the cemetery to where you want to bury the remains allows it because some cemeteries don't allow burying an urn into the soil. Some would allow you, but you need to have an urn vault so the ashes will not directly contact the ground even though they are already inside the urn. 

  • You can put the urn ashes in columbariums.

  • If you are worried that no cemetery wants you to bury your urn on the ground, you don't have to worry because you put their remains in columbariums. It is an option they will give you when in a cemetery instead of burying the urn ashes into the ground. Its columbariums can also be found in large churches.

  • It is a cheaper option compared to traditional ones.

  • For other people, cremation is their go-to decision when they are on a budget because it requires less money and effort. The traditional burial process needs big caskets that will fit in a human body. It also requires a considerable space in the cemetery to work in the coffin. That is why some families would prefer to have cremation because they can have the urns buried in their garden or scatter the ashes.

  • It takes 2-3 hours to do the cremation.

  • People are primarily curious about how many hours does cremation take before it becomes ashes. It takes 2-3 hours for the body to turn into ashes, but it would still depend on the person's body. It may take longer or within just the given time. 

    1. It is an old tradition.

    I know you might be wondering why it is an old tradition because traditional burial is where the bodies of the departed loved ones are wrapped in a cloth and buried directly on the ground. According to research, cremation or cremation ashes are an old tradition that was practiced in ancient times. Countries like Greece and India are practicing cremating the bodies of their loved ones after they passed away. They do this by burning the bodies until they turn into ashes. The Greek people first introduce it when soldiers are slain during a battle in a foreign land, and the families wanted to see them before they will be all cremated at once. 

  • Crematories can only cremate one body at a time. 

  • Crematories can only process one body at a time. Though you might think that they are creating multiple bodies, they are not. Though there is one crematorium, there are many crematories that can cater to many burial bodies. So they can process cremating bodies all at once in a given period.

  • Cremation needs a high temperature.

  • To ensure that the body is appropriately cremated, the crematories are set to 1400 degrees. It is to make sure that all the body compounds will be cremated as well. 

  • Crematoriums will give you the remains of your loved ones. 

  • They are the ones who will be responsible for cremating the body of your loved ones, and they need to ensure that they are doing the proper process. Within the law, crematoriums are accountable for taking care of the body and remains of the departed loved ones. They are the ones given by the family the accountability to carry out the cremation needed.