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South Korea is on the move for modernization as cremation is taking over the traditional burial process they used to have. Moreover, this process is giving more options for the family on how they will bury their loved ones. For South Koreans, this an effective way of saving more space in the cemetery as there is a law passed in 2000 that all the remains of their loved ones must be exhumed after 60 years making a room for the new remains to be placed in. But Koreans still are given the option to have the remains of their loved ones be buried traditionally.


This gives an impression to the world that South Korea is running out of options to where they bury the deceased. With this, a lot of families have decided to have the remains of their loved ones be cremated and have the ashes be placed in an urn. Though other families are having uncertainties of keeping an urn to their house a little bit unusual, a new trend has paved a way to ease these uncertainties and give an impression of a new hope and fashion trend.


This trend will transform the ashes of your loved ones into beautiful fashion jewelry that you either carry with you or have it as a display in your home, it is called Cremation beads. The Cremation beads are founded by Mr. Bae Jae-yul and the owner of the company Bonhyang which means (ashes to beads) that is based in South Korea. This company offers a Buddhist-like style of design in their beads that come in different colors.


Though this new way of burying the deceased is on-trend in South Korea, it failed to grow its popularity in other countries like Japan, the US, and other parts of Europe. This is because of some cultural differences that make the cremation beads still on hold to open its market to the other side of the world.  


The world may not accept it fully for now. But as the world adopts modernization, cremation beads and other cremation jewelry will be known to the world and become the new norm of remembering the people we loved and the new way of connecting life and the deceased.


This cremation jewelry maybe becomes a safe haven for Korean people, but for other countries it is still a decision to make whether to accept it or stick with the traditional burial process. No matter what decision will be taken in the end, the most important thing is that the family is comfortable and happy with the result.