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We often forget that our fur babies have their feelings. When another pet passes away, they would feel sad and lonely, especially when they grow up together with that pet. If this happens, you can give them a cremation jewellery UK to make them feel that their friend is still in their midst even though they can no longer see them. When you talk to your pet about what is going on in your surroundings, they say they would understand. They can also feel your emotions. When you are sad because you lose one of your fur babies, they can feel it. 

When you are sulking in the corner of your house because you miss one of them, they would know and have this kind of telepathy with your emotions that you don't need to say to them. That is also what they feel when their other fur siblings. They will feel empty when they can no longer sense their presence in the house, and they will sulk and mourn in their way. 

When you feel that they are still mourning what happened to their fur sibling, you need to think of things that will cheer them up. They are like humans too, when they are sad. They feel everything that they see and touch in their hearts. When this happens to your fur babies, they will feel weak and sometimes feel ill. It is because of the change of environment.

The things they are used to doing with their fur friends will no longer be the same, especially when they are alone when one pet passed away. It would help if you considered other activities for your pets. You need to help them adjust and cope up with the new situation. As a fur parent, you need to attend to their welfare and emotions too. 

Don't lure them with treats to avoid pain.

You don't need to lure your pets with anything to change their mood because their feeling for what happens will never change. It will stay the same. They will depend on you and make you feel they need you more than anyone in the world. You need to understand their pain. Even though they are animals, they have feelings. And sometimes, if they are not able to express their emotions, they get frightened and annoyed. It may cause trouble to you instead. 

Train them with new tricks.

When they are already doing good with their emotions, you can train them with new tricks. It is an excellent way to boost their energy and wake up the sleeping speed after losing a fur friend. It will also help them with their self-esteem—especially when they live their life with their fur friend, and suddenly they will be left by themselves. You can train them with new tricks so that they can receive compliments from you and other people. It would help them be confident. 

Exercise plays a vital role.

In this kind of situation, pets are sad and weak. They don't like to eat or walk with you. It is because they are missing something in their daily routine. They would feel it, and they will refuse to do things with you, especially exercise. Exercise is an important thing you need to do with your pet because you are helping them to stay healthy and alive. 

If you were doing exercise with both of your pets in the past and suddenly changed it, they will remind you by barking when they hit the clock for their daily activity. But if your pet refuses to do it, find ways that you can encourage them to run or slow walk to work out their stamina. You can add some treats that will catch their attention, or you can look for things that they love to make them follow you. 

Add more activities for your pet.

If your pet is already tired of their daily routine and no longer have the interest to do it, you need to look for more activities for them. You can enrol them in animal class or allow them to meet new fur friends. You can also look for any dog cafe in your area where they can play and roam around. That way, you can also relax for yourself and have a good cup of tea or coffee while looking after your fur baby. 

You can also look for activities that are beneficial for both of you. So you can also move on from your loss. You also need to relax and enjoy life for yourself after what happened, and the cremation jewellery UK you and your pet has will remind you to enjoy life. And cherish that moment you have with your pet. Spend more time with them. Both of you lose a family member. You need to be each other's most cherished companion. You need to understand your pet even if other people do not understand you and how deep the bond you have with your pets is.