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The love we give to the people we love is the love we want to receive from them. It is a vice-versa. The thing is that there are people who label people as their kind and with other people who do not belong to them, will be ridiculed or humiliated. When they pass away, other people think they don't have the right to a decent funeral and must be hidden in the closet. People grieving for the loved ones that belong in this community commemorate them through the jewellery pendants.

They show their love and support to the community or society that is sometimes labelled as an outsider. Undeniably that is the re-occurring issue of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Questioning, also known as LGBTQ. Some people around the world don't recognize them as people. They are treated as diseases that need to be eliminated. And when they pass away, some establishments won't cater handling funeral services for them. 

The LGBTQ community is a group of people that have their sexual orientation. They are the jolliest person you will meet. You will be fascinated with the language they use in their everyday lives. You can learn from them, and they will love you the way you love your own. And they also grieve for the people they love just like any other people who lost their loved ones because they are human. They have emotions that they need to deal with every day.

This community has been fighting their right to live and love like other people in this world. And knowing that they have to battle this fight and deal with their emotions when they lose a loved one is heartbreaking. If you know someone who is experiencing something like this, you can comfort them. Make them feel that you are here for them and will never judge them for what they are. 

Comfort them like how you comfort a friend. 

There is no difference in comforting people in this community. You need to be sincere in all the things that you do and say to them. It is because they have feelings, and they care about it. You are there to comfort them with their loss. 

When you comfort a friend, you want to make them feel at ease and relax when you are together as if you are siblings. That is also what they want to feel whenever someone wants to share their sympathy with their loss. 

Never make them think that they are different.

When you talk to these people, they are just like you. They have feelings; they can feel sad, happy and angry. You can talk to them like how you talk with other people. There is no difference.

It will make them sadder if you make them feel that you are not comfortable being around them. They will be less likely to talk to you. And in case you are with a friend that is close to them, and you just accompanied them, but you don't have the interest to talk to these people. Better yet, your silence and let them grief their way. 

You can help them look for a keepsake shop.

If they like to have the remains of their loved ones placed in a keepsake, you can help them look for one. If you are close to them, you can help them with this process. A personalized pendant with ashes inside it will help them commemorate their loved ones, and it is easy. If they choose to have multiple designs of their charms, you can help them too. 

It is an excellent way to get to know even more and how they think about life. Since we all have a different point of view in life. Make sure that you will not end up upsetting each other. It would be best to remember that you are helping them cope with the keepsake they are looking for and not start an argument. 

Be Sensitive

This is not only applicable to them but everyone grieving and vulnerable. We need to be careful about what we say to them because they might take it the wrong way. After all, they are not yet in the zone to think it through. Our sympathy may lead to misunderstanding if we are not careful with the words we say to them. 

You can say your condolences in a friendly way or say something that will uplift their spirit: fewer words, fewer mistakes. It is your way of telling them that there is no need for more words to describe how you feel. Let us be by your side. Allow them to handle your presence because they feel so loved when there are more people to comfort them. 

We may be different in things that we believe in, but we have equal rights as human beings. People in the LGBTQ community deserve to be loved and feel loved. They also deserve all the respect the world could give.