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In today's time, seeing a loved one that lives across the country from us is hard. From the time the pandemic has taken over the world, flying back and forth is hard. It gets even harder, especially when we want to see our loved ones who passed away. We want to see them before they will be transferred in a container for ashes after cremation. 

What is happening in the world right now affects how we live every day. Thus, it restricts us from spending time with our loved ones during the time of mourning. But we can still communicate with them and know what is happening with our loved ones using our phones or computers. 

Even though we are not with them physically, but through virtual updates, we can still connect with them and make sure they are all safe. We can still comfort them with our words. What are the things that we can do amidst the pandemic to comfort our loved ones?

  • Make a video call

Since we can't book a flight right away whenever there is an emergency back in our hometown because of the health protocol, we need to find ways to check our families. That is why making a video call using our phones or laptop would help us communicate with them. Some social media platforms offer video calls and applications that we can use to talk with our loved ones and comfort them. 

  • Record a video of yourself

If you are in a different timezone with your loved ones, you can record a video message for them. It would be a great help in comforting them from afar. Through your video message, they know that you think about them in these tough times. They understand that it is not easy to travel. 

  • You can organize an online get-together with your family.

We can be creative when it comes to our family. We can hold a virtual get-together with them since you can't be with them physically. With this, you can make them feel loved. It is also a good way to catch up with them and how you are able to help them with the situation they are in and vice versa. 

  • Do a virtual cooking session with your loved ones.

If your family has a family recipe that everyone loves, you can cook it with your loved ones without going out of your home. You can video call them and learn the recipe together with them. You can still feel that fun and enjoyment like you are with them physically. 

  • You can read them a poem or letter you wrote.

We write a letter or poem to express our feelings. You can write a letter or a poem where you can express what you feel about the situation and read to them. Reading it to your family member means you are making an effort to tell them what you truly feel at that moment. You don't need to hide what you feel because your family understands that sometimes we are not strong enough to face the battle alone. And that we need to be our backbone so we won't fall.

  • You can organize a movie marathon with your family online.

Since there are already a lot of platforms that offer you to stream online, you can organize a movie time with your family that will help them ease the pain of losing someone very important even though it is a temporary solution to reality. But it would still help them relax. And divert their attention from the pain of losing a loved one.

  • You can create a playlist that best describes how you feel.

The playlist that you make to express how you feel can be played during the burial of your loved ones. It is a unique way of saying goodbye to them. The songs of sorrow and pain you have. And the song of understanding that you want them to know. 

  • You can do your eulogy online. 

If your family decides to have a burial after having the body of your loved ones cremated, you can do your eulogy online. You can record it as a video message. Some people prefer to do it live while they are doing a video call. 

In the end, we can always find ways to make sure that we are still connected with our family members. No matter where we are and what life may bring. It is innate with us that we care and love our family. We can do things that we never imagined we would do for our family. We always go beyond what is needed to make sure that they are happy, comforted, and satisfied. We do all these things for them because we know that they are all worth it.