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A smile makes the world alright for someone who lost a loved one. A genuine smile that comes from someone who truly cares for them can ease the pain because they know you have their back in case they fall. Allow that smile radiates across in their ashes memorial jewellery. For it gives them strength to survive the challenge in life. 

Giving a smile to someone who feels lonely and sad is not easy. You will need to think if that smile will either comfort or upset them. Some people sometimes misunderstand a person's intention in giving a smile. Some people are confused once they lose someone they love. That is why they might don't understand the smile you are giving them. On the other hand, some people would be happy when they receive a smile from someone because they feel comforted. 

It will always depend on the situation we are in. Some people will walk away from you because they don't have someone to comfort them and see that they are weak. It is hard to win their trust or their attention but don't give up easily.

  1. Be persistent. People who are in this state are sometimes numb. They don't feel anything or don't mind anyone that surrounds them. Their focus is on what they feel and how they are going to survive this phase of life. As a person who cares for them, try to be persistent in engaging them in small talks to divert their attention. They need someone they can talk to about what they feel and how they would deal with it. They just don't know how to express it.
  2. Be present. As a friend or a family member, your presence in their grieving times is the most important. They need your moral support on things that they are confused about. Most of the time they just need you to be there and smile for them. You don't need to say a word. As long as they see you around their circumference of sight, they will feel fine. 
  3. Offer help.  Offering help doesn't mean you need to shell out money for them. You can help them by simply ushering the guest in their seats during the funeral service or anything that you can help them with their daily chores during these times. Though they did not tell you to do all these things you know you care for them. You would do this because you love them.
  4. Commemorate the loved one. There are no words you can say to anyone who is grieving to remember their loved ones the way they know it. It is only them who can visualize what it is like in the moment where their loved ones are there. The feeling when they are in the situation that they can imagine. You can inform them about getting an ashes memorial to commemorate their loved ones. By doing this, you are helping them in moving on. They would remember it as the backbone of what gives them strength in facing future challenges in life. 

Do all these with a consistent smile on your face because there is joy in helping people that we love. Helping them get through this part of their life is one challenging thing. Especially when you offer them a smile that you don't know how they would take it. But for as long as you know your intentions and you know that is good for them.

Remind them that the ashes memorial that they have a symbol of hope and peace in their heart. For whatever they are carrying in their heart- a burden or a joy the memorial jewellery will help them get through it. Savor it if it's a joyous emotion they feel and overcome it if it is sorrow that they feel in their heart.

A simple genuine smile and an ashes memorial can eradicate all the worries and sorrows of someone who is grieving. They are by far the most tested means of help a person can offer to anyone who is feeling the loneliness of saying goodbye to a loved one forever. 

The consistency of your smile makes them realize that a caring and genuine smile from a loving friend or a family member can take away the sorrow of the heart. With this, you no longer need so many words to say to comfort them because they will feel it in their hearts that you care for them. This might be a challenge for you, but allow it to help you to take on your next challenge in life. See this as your training ground. 

It will also help you take the challenges in life with a smile and a positive outlook on life. Walk life with a smile and embrace the beautiful outlook in life so you can share this with other people. Share your beautiful smile with them.