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When you lose a loved one, you want to do things they could have done if they were still alive. Since they are no longer around to do that, you want them to still experience it. You can have a small urn for ashes. Use it as your traveling buddy while exploring the things they could have done. 

You want to have this kind of urn so you can travel with it easily. It is less hassle, and you can carry it anywhere. Understandably, you wanted to travel for yourself and unwind from the loneliness you feel when your loved one passed away. But you want to be with them with these happy moments. 

Here are some things you may want to do with the ashes inside the small urn while traveling:

  • Take it with you to scatter their ashes

Since you are carrying a small urn, you can take it to a place where you can scatter their ashes. It is an excellent way to hit two (2) birds in one (1) stone. You are traveling to let go of the painful feeling of losing them while enjoying the place with them because of their ashes. You can let them feel that you are with them in your travels by scattering a few of their ashes to the place. You may be considering not spreading all of the ashes in one place as you can still do that for your next destination. 

  • Visit a garden place.

Not all of us have a garden at home where we can bury or reuse the ashes mixed into the fertilizer for the plants. But you will never have to disappoint yourself for not having one because you can visit a garden anywhere of your liking where you can plant a flower and mix their ashes into soil to be a part of that growing flower. You can talk to the garden owner if you can name the flower after your late loved ones to be a more memorable trip for you. 

  • Scatter their ashes through a Dove

Though it may sound expensive and impossible to do, you may consider doing this if you want to explore other things. It is unique to scatter the ashes of your loved ones. It feels like they are flying with the birds, and you are seeing them soaring up the sky. It is like how you saw them achieving their dreams and working hard for them. You will see them soaring up in the sky with the birds like any other people would like to experience even though their ashes are in it, but it hits differently. 

  • Do skydiving

You can do skydiving and take a small amount of ashes to release in the sky with you before you take off your skydiving experience. Some of the sky diving offers take some time to have time-release the ashes. You may want to inquire about it before enrolling in a skydiving experience. You will have the memorable experience of your life with your loved one's ashes. 

  • Use them as a line bar on a soccer field.

This idea may seem confusing and unreasonable for others because they think it will be a waste of ashes if they place it on a soccer field. But if your loved ones are a fan of a specific soccer team, you consider doing this and allow their favorite team to step on the ashes to make it feel like they are also part of the game. Because every fan wants to have a special moment with their idols, you can give it to them for the last time before you say goodbye. 

  • Keep them inside the urn.

If you don't want to have them scattered anywhere, you can keep them inside the urn. You can still travel with it anywhere; to your relatives' house or your grandparents' estate. You can have this option if you won't don't want to travel outside the country or for a long-distance drive. But still want to go unwinding with your county or area.

There are numerous things you can do with the ashes inside a small urn while traveling. Only you can find the right decision that will fit what you want and the things that are close to your loved ones if your loved ones have their checklist of things they want to do and cannot do it. You may check them and do all those things. Fulfill it for them while carrying their ashes with you. There is no need to go far if you don't want to. Some things can be done in the places near. You only need to broaden your imagination to make them work. 

Going beyond your limit is nice, but it is not necessary. You know your loved one will understand if not all things on the checklist are not done. They will still be happy about your efforts in making those things possible. And you are worth being appreciated, and we thank you.