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When we are far, and we lose the person we treasure the most. And can't fly back to see them because of work. We can only cry in silence and pray for our family's comfort. Sending them jewellery for ashes is a great help for their mourning. We always hear when we are conversing with people who have family members living and working abroad. And often, we end up knowing that the person who is outside of the country is the head of the family, the father. 

Even though they are far away, they can still comfort their loved ones through the jewellery for ashes sent to them—a symbol of love for their loved ones. The tears that they are holding back after knowing that their loved one has passed away will fall from their eyes. You can see it as if it is like a fountain of water. They can no longer hold the pain; mainly, it contains their loved ones' remains. 

Comforting a family member who works abroad is hard because you will know one-fourth of how they feel through video calling. Nothing beats seeing your loved ones physically and comfort them in times like this. Their mourning is different. People who are working abroad have their way of mourning for their loved ones. They can:

  1. Working overtime because they want to forget the pain
  2. Partying with other people to temporarily find happiness
  3. They will spend time traveling and build their own RV home.
  4. They are looking for a new business to venture out, or
  5. They would like to be alone at home. 

These are a few of the things you may observe with mourning people when they are living abroad. It is because they want to find ways that will comfort them for an extended period. Video calling their family will only take hours every day and not even take the whole day because of a busy schedule or in a different time zone. That is why they prefer to mourn this way. 

But not all people who lived and worked abroad do that when they are mourning. Some of them would like to sit and be silent alone. They are reminiscing about the good times they had with the person. They socialize a bit, but they prefer to be at home most of the time. They would like to do things in their home, like; 

  1. Reading books
  2. Cooking
  3. Cleaning the house now and then
  4. Listen to music, and 
  5. Zip a whole bottle of wine before going to bed. 

We all have things that we are comfortable doing to help us move forward from the pain we experience. That is why having a piece of jewellery for ashes as sent to your loved one with a letter on it even though you can tell them everything through video call. But nothing can compare with writing a letter and sending out a nice piece of jewellery for ashes to them. 

The jewellery and the letter will help them survive the loneliness they are going through. It will help them be reminded that there are still people who care and love them. They will surely wear the jewellery with them every day and will put a smile on their face. The comfort that they need every day since there are no family members would comfort them physically. 

And the letter will serve as a written promise from you to them. No matter what happens, even if things may not be the same exactly as before. But you will always be with them and care for them. They have a home to come home to when they are going home. A sanctuary that will help them find healing and comfort they have been longing for a long time. 

It will inspire them to do their best at work. But going home in today's era is difficult. Many things need to be done, and it will consume time and money to go home. If your loved ones are thinking about saving the money, they earned to have it sent in for you as financial help. Then they won't risk flying back because it will be helpful if they send the money to you instead of flying home. 

It is a practical way of thinking for other people. But for some, they will risk everything to see their family and be with them during the saddest time of their life. We all have a different approach to life. We can't choose one or the other. 

It will always depend on the situation we are experiencing and how we can accept it. They might be figuring out what will help them through everything, but be there whenever they need you. Comfort comes in different ways. You don't need to say a word to comfort them, even if you are doing a video call with them. But making sure that they know you are there for them will make a big difference in how they cope up with the loss.