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A lot of families don't know what to do with their urn after they scattered the ashes. There are many things you can do with the urns you have. It can be used as an urn vase. 

People tend to look for other things to recycle the urn where they put the remains of their loved ones. Sometimes, they are afraid of reusing it because it has sentimental value and doesn't want to stain it or tarnish it quickly. But there are beautiful things you can do with the urns. You need to ask permission from all your family members if you want to recycle the urn. 

You can start recycling your urn as a flower vase. It is a start in upcycling an urn. It is also the most uncomplicated process of recycling an urn. There might be some hesitations about how you will use a jar that once used storage for the remainder of your loved one. 

But allow these reasons for you to consider upcycling an urn. You may want to check the urns you have while going through with these options. 

  • Storage

  •  Repaint to be used as storage for essential things. It can be used as a holder for an umbrella. Place it near the door to place your umbrellas in there without getting a headache where to put it, especially when it's raining. It can

  • Use it as a vase

  • As mentioned above, you can use your urn as a flower vase or an urn vase to help you decorate your home. It will save you a lot of money to buy a new vase that will cost you a lot of money. 

    You can change its color to look more brand new. It will become more sentimental, adding up your favorite or your loved one's favorite flower on it. You don't need to buy expensive ones to have a meaningful decoration for your home. All you need to do is to upcycle things. 

  • Garden Ornaments

  • Aside from making it a vase, you can also use the urn as a vase. There is no need for any flowers since you can plant in your garden varieties of flowers you like to have. If you have two (2) old urns with you, you can upcycle into a small tower at the entrance of your garden to make a statement. 

  • Give it away

  • If you don't want to upcycle the urn, you can give it to somebody who needs it. Some families would like to save money on buying urns. You can either give it to a family that you know or any relative needing an urn. There are families whose burden falls into the urn's price because urn prices cover all the expenses for the final billing. That is why, if you can give the urn to someone, you give it with an open heart. 

  • Sell it

  • Once you already scatter all the ashes and wash the urn, you can sell it to anyone who wants to have an urn at an affordable price. There is no harm in selling your old urn to anyone who wants to buy it, but see it clean and ready to be used. 

    You will only resort to the last two options if you no longer need to recycle the urn for your convenience. But, you can always keep the urn of how you like it. There is no need to overthink things if you want to keep the urn as it is. You can always decide however you like it because there are people who would like to keep the urns as reminders for their departed loved ones. 

    These are only a few reasons why it is convenient to upcycle your urns if you don't want to throw them away after scattering the ashes. There is no right or wrong thing to do in your urn as long as you are comfortable with what you will do with it and will not regret it in the end. It is okay. Deciding on what to do with the urn is hard because it causes your;

  • time
  • It will cause time to think about what design you would like to have with it. 

  • money
  • You will spend money because you will pay the necessary amount to purchase the urn that you like.

  • effort
  • It costs you an effort to go back to the store where you ordered the urn, making sure that they are doing the right thing. And that they are doing all the things you have required to be in the urn.

  • emotion
  • You put in a lot of emotion because it is your loved one's urn and you want to make sure that everything is good and best for them even though it is the last thing you can do for them before you depart as you scatter their remains.