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In life, we need to choose; either we stay inside our house feeling comforted with the things that we are already used to, or we go out and fight against the storm and sometimes enjoy the rain. We all have a choice. But these choices are hard to decide whether we go or we stay. Like how you choose to deal with the grief you feel inside. You either stay in your comfort zone along with your ashes container, or you would start a new day to overcome it. 

A tough decision to make, but you have to grow as an individual and set yourself free from the bondage of pain. Dealing with these choices will help you determine where your future will be. It would help if you thought thoroughly to make sure you are choosing the right thing. But when you are in grief, selecting the right thing is not something you would think about. You will decide what makes you feel comfortable and relax. 

It is finding the perfect peace where you can leave the pain and enjoy the moment where you are. That needs a lot of thinking and weighing of things before deciding where to relax, like how you will be able to deal with the pain of everyday missing if you do not think of the next step you will take. A decision is a word that is easy to say but difficult to take action. 

  • Make a decision when you are emotionally stable. 

  • When we are emotionally unstable because we lost someone we love suddenly, and we have to make an important decision in our lives, we tend to rush to conclusions with things. And it will end up mainly in the worst scenario or result. We regret it by the time we are already in the situation and start blaming ourselves for the wrong decision. 

    Allow yourself to calm down and stabilize your emotion before you make a decision. It would help if you also saw that you are ready to deal with these kinds of matters. So you will not end up getting so messy and troubled if the outcome is what you have expected. 

  • Be rational in your decision.

  • You need to weigh things and see the other side of your hand before deciding which hand you would use for work. It is like how you choose to get over the pain you have. You need to check facts, benefits and consider disadvantages that you will be encountering along the way. It will help you think more and decide on what would be the best path you take.

    It would be best if you lay all the pros and cons that you see. If you already have a plan in mind, you need to see if the plan will get you to depression instead or will it help you get back to who you were before? Even though it is hard, you need to know what you will have in the future after deciding what to do with your life after you lose your loved one. 

  • Do not rush to conclusions.

  • When you are too emotional, you will sometimes pick the wrong box. The box that is not suitable to carry all your belongings, and instead it will help you pack things away it gives you a mess. You don't need to be too rational that you will overthink everything you do. It would help if you weighed things before making decisions.

    Draft according to what you would like to see and have in the future. It means that you need to plan things before you make conclusions. Take your time observing people around you and the things you will get if you make that decision. 

  • Consult/Talk to people you can help you decide. 

  • You don't need to push yourself on the things that are already beyond your limit. You need to know what you are capable of doing and what are the things that you don't know. When you already know it and still don't know what to do, you can talk to any person in your household that can help you decide. 

    If you need to seek a consultation with a professional, you can make an appointment. You don't need to push yourself to decide on things that you don't know or understand. It may cost you more if you risk it. You need to ask for help from the people who know what you need. 

    Deciding while still grieving is hard, especially when you are not used to doing these things. Seeking help would not hurt you, but it will help you think better and decide for the best. You need to remember that there are people who would love to help you with your needs. All you need to do is to ask them. Start asking for help if you can no longer bear it, and it would be a good start to overcoming the fear and pain.