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When pain is no longer bearable, we seek comfort from the people we love and trust. These people can give us the warmest hugs we would want in our lives. They can also help us with our keepsakes made from ashes for our loved ones. The confidence that we need to survive every day. Yet, some people still like to join a grieving group to help them with their healing.

It is not wrong to join any groups that will help you process what you are going through. Joining a group will help you understand more of what you are experiencing. You will learn from them and find belongingness to the experience you have gone through after your loss. It is also your way of sharing your thoughts with other people and getting inspiration. 

You may wonder why people still seek grieving groups even though they already received love and care from their families? Are their families not enough to give what they need emotionally and physically?

  • They seek grieving groups because they want to understand more of their experience. 

  • Even though they have the comfort they need from their family, you can't take away from them the need to understand their feelings and what they have been experiencing after their loss. That is why they join a grieving group to understand it and learn from other people who have experienced it first.

    Sometimes, when you confide with your loved ones about what you feel, they will tell you the same feeling. It is because you are in the same family and grieving for the same loved ones. You can comfort each other since there are people in the family who are brave enough to accept the reality of what happened. But you and the rest of the family who is not will seek more information on how you would surpass it.  

  • They join the group because of the consultant/the person who is leading the group.

  • There are people whose reason for joining the group is because they know the person leading the group. They either know that person or a known psychiatrist that they believe would help them feel and understand themselves better. Joining the group was their only way to uphold the person and approach them. 

    Since they have joined the group, the person in charge knows that you may have experienced a tremendous loss in your life and want to seek comfort and understanding in the group. And you can slowly open with them about your feelings without holding back because of the fear of not being understood. 

  • They want to get inspiration from other people's stories. 

  • Aside from understanding their feelings, they want to get inspired by the stories they hear from the group members. They want to know how they can deal with all the emotions and overcome them. Meeting new people will help them see the other side of life that they know. The sorrow and pain they feel after losing a loved one are being shared with people they know have experienced it tremendously and have overcome it. 

    With this inspiration, they can share it with their loved ones. And they can join the group together so they will understand and heal as one family. They are allowing themselves to learn how to deal with their emotion and divert it into a positive outlook in life. 

  • They want to create a small grieving group of their own.

  • Once they already gathered back their senses and inspiration. They will share their knowledge and understanding with other people who have the same experience as them. Creating a small group will help them fully recover from the loss and inspire others to keep learning when they are still struggling. 

    They want to share their experience because they believe it would help others, like how it benefits them. It is also their way of thanking their deceased loved ones for allowing them to grieve. The pain they felt made a way to the grieving group and help them heal and understand their being even more profound. 

  • Their loved ones used to be part of the grieving group.

  • Some of the reasons they would like to be in a grieving group are because the person is the founder of the grieving group. They want to continue the legacy that they have been doing while they are still alive. They want to help other people as they help a lot of people because of the counselling done in the group. It is also their way of showing tribute to their loved ones' dedication and love in helping other people. 

    In continuing the legacy, they can see and feel that their loved one is still alive. They can feel the warm love because of the people they will be helping. And they would be able to understand the purpose of why the grieving group was founded. It will become their reason too in helping other people with the same experiences as them.