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The sudden loss of a friend is very devastating for you. You lose someone who gives you company and the source of light in your gloomy days. You can have a memorial bracelet where some of her ashes are combined in times that you miss her. 

When the passing of your friend is unknown to you and intrigued you, you want to know what happened. If she was sick or something happened to them. There are some situations that you don't know. Even if the person is your closest friend, you will always be with them all the time to know their whereabouts. 

While going through the photos, memory boxes and remembering the things you do with them, you can have the memorial bracelet as your source of light on behalf of your lost friend. You wanted to accept the sudden loss of a dear friend, but it is not easy because you will remember all the happy memories you had. 

You may bid farewell to them, but in your heart, they are still living. You want to make sure that everyone remembers how amazing your friend is when they are still alive. You can create new things that will make people remember her good works. 

As a friend, that is the least you can do for them.

You may create or do things that you guys wanted when they are alive;

  1. You can start building a business

If you and your friend wanted to have a business together and love accessories, you can start creating a company that will have her memories remain forever in the minds of the people both of you know. And for the people who will buy your products and will they will become a legacy that people will look after. 

  1. You can volunteer at an orphanage or elder care center.

If helping others is your goal, you can start listing your name to any of the centers near your home. You can help other people at the same time, fulfilling the dream for your friend. You will have a lot to benefit from doing this cause.

  • You will add more people to your life. 
  • You discover something that you can share with people who don't know about it yet.
  • You help yourself cope with the loss without feeling so much pain from missing your friend. 
  • You gain connections, by doing this volunteerism a lot of people will ask your contact, ask for your help and will help you too. 
  • You gave a new purpose for your life.

  1. You travel alone or with your other friends.

Travelling is one of the lists in every friendship goal. You want to travel the world with your friends and make memories together. Since you lost your friend, you lost the excitement to see the world because you will feel lonely without them. But you don't need to succumb yourself and stare at the list of plans you have in your friendship notebook. You can travel the world and meet new people. Bring with the memorial bracelet to not feel lonely because you have them with you because of it. 

  1. Buy the things that both of you wanted to have.

We have that list of the things we wanted to buy when we already have enough money to purchase it. We share these goals with our friends to know but end up having the same plans in terms of item purchases. It may be a car, bag, or gadgets, and you can purchase them and be reminded that you got them because you push yourself to be a better person. Your friend inspires you to work hard to get it. 

  1. You can visit and eat at a five (5) start restaurant.

There is always food that comes with the list of restaurants that you both want to dine. You can visit the five (5) star restaurant of your dream wearing the memorial bracelet that symbolizes your friend. You eat the food you have been craving for many years and cannot afford it because it is only served in this kind of restaurant. 

Sadly, you no longer have the companion that you always wanted to be within times you are already achieving life and friendship goals. But it would help if you thought of the things that make you happy because you know that whatever it is that you have reached, they are proud of you. They know that they are part of everything you have done.

You may cry out of happiness because you already had the things that you and your friend dream of when they are still alive, but one thing is for sure, you make them happy and proud of what you have achieved. Thank them for being your inspiration. You can either visit them in columbariums or in the cemetery where their lies.