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Not everyone would like to have their loved ones be cremated right away after they passed away. Some would like to hold a funeral service before cremation. They would want to wake so everyone in the family can see the person for the last time, and then they will have their remains for cremation. The remains will be placed in funeral ashes pendants to have a piece of their loved ones with them. 

It will give them a feeling of comfort and the assurance that they are still connected with their loved ones. It is an assuring part for them because there is a representation of their loved ones with them. So that in terms that they would miss them, they can look at the pendant and remember their loved ones. 

But other people treat ashes pendants as a foreign thing to wear. They feel uncomfortable and somewhat unfamiliar with them. Here are some of the things you may want to know about having a funeral ashes pendant for you and your family. And maybe this will change your mind and perspective in general or would stay the same. 

  • The ashes pendants are for those people who would like to commemorate their loved ones.

There are still people who would not want to have ashes pendants for themselves or their family because they find it uncomfortable. But they would like to have these kinds of adornments because they would feel safe and comforted by the love of the departed loved ones. That is why when a loved one passes away, it is a long process that they need to decide before having either cremation or a traditional funeral service. 

  • Funeral ashes pendants are suitable for closure.

Some people regret that they don't have anything that will give them closure from the pain of losing a loved one. They would linger in the person's memory and imagine that they have something that would comfort them. That is why having an ashes pendant would be a good thing because they will have something physical to hold whenever they want to remember their loved ones. 

  • Are they creepy to wear?

These are the most asked questions when someone knows that you are wearing a funeral ashes pendant. Some people would ask you this question because they think having ashes inside your charm is a creepy thing. That is because of what they saw in the movies or on a tv show. Especially with children, they have this automatic impression that when they hear ashes, one thing that comes to mind is horror. Having an ash pendant is not creepy. It might be weird because you know you are carrying your loved one's remains, but it is a fulfilling feeling that you know you will never forget. 

  • Is it cool to have a funeral ashes pendant?

People have a different point of view when it comes to this kind of thing. So, this is a case-to-case basis. Some people would think that having funeral ashes is beautiful because it represents their loved ones, and they remember them through the jewellery. And that is why some people tend to have any type of ashes jewellery to remember all the loved ones that had passed away. 

For others, it is just not in their routine, or it is not in line with their beliefs to get one. So, they find having ash pendants weird and uncanny. But for it to be cool, it is always up to the person to view the ash pendants. 

  • Timeless

The word that would explain an ashes pendant is. It is timeless because no matter how many years have passed, you keep your ashes pendant. The ashes will remain as it is. But this would still matter on how you take care of your jewellery. It would help if you remembered that you should not wear your ash jewellery while swimming or bathing because the chemicals in shampoos or the swimming pool affect the seal of your locket and damage the jewelry's metal. 

  • It has a story to tell people.

Everything that will remind you of a specific person or even has a story, and a funeral ashes pendant has a story to tell. It has a story because you have gotten it after you lost your loved one. The person who remains inside your pendant has a lot of stories that others may want to know. And by seeing your ashes pendant, they do not only see the beautiful jewellery that is in your neck, but they are seeing the beautiful person of your beloved loved ones. 

Now that you read all these things, it probably changes how you see funeral ashes pendants are. You would see the different side of it aside from the beautiful exterior you are seeing. But you now see the soul and reasons other people would love to have funeral ash pendants.