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We have a lot of ideas about remembering a loved one. We often get out of our comfort zone to create beautiful things. It is because we do it for our loved ones. We make nothing but the best of everything for them. 

In remembering, we commonly collect all their photos and have them in a photo album. Sometimes we like to put them in a frame and hang it above our bed. So that when we sleep, we will be reminded of their beautiful faces. But when we are busy doing extraordinary things, we forget to appreciate the small things we have. 

We decide to mind them because they are not visible on the big plans that we are making. But they are the easiest decoration we can have when we are decorating. We can upcycle things.

We can start with the flowers that we used at the funeral. We can upcycle them by creating new things with them. You may consider trying these things with your flowers. I am sure you will have a good time doing this;

  • Preserve the flower.

  • After using the flowers, we can upcycle them by preserving the flower. By doing this, we are extending its life span and its beauty. It is also great to display in our home. You can put your reserve flowers in your hallway or your side table at home. It is like the flowers are the extension of the life our loved ones used to have. There are different ways we can preserve a flower that we can do by ourselves. We only need to discover and explore it. 

  • Dried Flowers

  • I know every one of us has heard about the trend of drying out flowers and having them on display. We can have the flower from the funeral dry. We don't need to have all of them dried and have them displayed at home. Choose the variant of flower you like to take home and have it dried. We can have it as decorations since people are so into dried flowers nowadays because it gives a vibe and aesthetics. 

  • Wall art of flowers

  • If there are a lot of leftover flowers from the funeral or in your garden, you can put them in a frame and hang them on the wall where you can have them as gallery walls in your house. You can have it as an accent wall at the same memory wall. It can be a memory wall because all the flowers in the frame are from the funeral of your loved ones. These flowers will remind you of the good days you have with them.

  • Paper made out of flowers.

  • If you want to be more creative, you can try making paper using flower petals. You can use these papers like the usual papers we are using when we are writing. It will be extra special because you are using the flowers given or donated by the people who care and love your family. However, it is a little bit tiring and detailed. But once you already have the result, it is very satisfying. 

  • Use flowers while taking a bath.

  • If you are fond of skincare and taking good care of your hair, you may probably try this one. Taking a bath with milk and flowers will help you detoxify. And the flowers will give you that aromatic feeling and scent that will help you relax when you are taking a bath. Even though it may sound weird because you are using a funeral flower for your bath, it helps you feel good. By the end of the day, it is still a flower that you and you only upcycle since it is still usable. 

  • Resin Flowers

  • You may try doing this as an additional keepsake for you and your family. We can't store the ashes of our loved ones here, but we can add the flowers we use in their funeral. You can add these with your keepsake jewellery, so you have the best of both worlds.

    You can watch Do It Yourself (DIY) videos on youtube on how to process resin. You can make a pendant of the favorite flower of your loved ones and create more for your family members. It is also a good way to bond with your family while coping up with your loss. 

    We can go on with the list that we can do with our used flowers. But these few mentioned above are the usual and easy way we can upcycle flowers from funerals. You may take into consideration that we don't need to spend too much on remembering our loved ones and at the same time pampering ourselves. We can do both. We need to be creative and resourceful.

    Things will never go wrong if it is done with love. There may be struggles along the way, but they can easily surpass because you know you always have your family.