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When we think of things that we want in the future, we plan them ahead of time. We work hard to achieve them because we aim to reach that goal. It is the same with overcoming the pain of losing a loved one. We want to wake the next day feeling alright and forget the pain but remember the person as our inspiration. Like the Ashes Necklace Argos, you have to remember them. You want to keep the memories you shared with them. But let go of the pain of losing them. 

But like our dreams, it is hard to let go of the pain that keeps us in the world where everything is with them. We want to let go, but we want to keep them living in us. That's what makes it harder. You are trying to move on from the life of pain and setting new goals for your life, but you realize that you are coming back from what you used to be when you know that they are no longer around the first day. We keep running around the same circle every day because of a lot of reasons;

  • The person is your better half/significant other.

  • When you lose someone you love, and the hopes of building a family together are complex, you lose all the possible dreams and goals you have because of it. And you are no longer the inspiration to move forward with life. You can't let go of the pain because you are still hoping it is not valid, and you make yourself believe that they are still alive to build the family that both of you had planned. But it would help if you learned to let go of what is not considered productive in your future. 

    You don't need to forget the person, but the feeling that you lost them because they are not lost. They are in your heart. And through your ashes necklace argos, you can remember them every day without worrying. But before you get to that point, you need to slowly allow yourself to let go of the things that keep you in that place. 

  • The person is the provider in the family. 

  • When things get rough after the person has passed away, you would wish that person was around to help you get by, especially financially. Not everyone can get through quickly in providing for their family when the person who mainly does the job for everyone is no longer around. Some people have hang-ups because they don't know where to begin in supporting their families. You may experience it, or someone you know experiences a lack of financial security after losing a loved one. 

    You can always try new things. When you are unsure of what you do right now because you are coping with your loss, try to ask for help from your relatives. You can ask your close friend to help you look for a job that will sustain your financial needs and your family's needs. It can be hard at first, but you will get by because you know that you are doing this for yourself and your family.

    1. The person is our rock. 

    It is hard to lose someone who is your fortress. The person you run to whenever you have uncertainties and doubts. It feels like things will fall into discord when you lose them, and you can no longer get back up. The rock in which you stand. The person you can lean on whenever you feel weak and sturdy of things in life. You miss day by day. And it gets to the point that your emotion is why you are not getting back on your track. 

    Understandably, grief is a process that does not need to be hurried, but it needs to be processed to overcome it. We need to choose to be better for ourselves. The progress is not made at a fast pace. It can be done slowly and accordingly to make sure you are keeping yourself on track. 

  • The person is your bridge towards other people.

  • When you are married, you are sharing all the people around you with your other half. It means that all the people you know will get to know her and her to them. And you as well to your family, friends and relatives. You will introduce your acquainted friends to them because you are no longer two in the sanctity of marriage. You became one. 

    But your other half is no longer around, and you lose the person that connects you to the people, like their parents and relatives. You became part of the family when you got married because you and your other half are bound together. If a family that loves you like their own child, you are blessed because there are families that when they no longer have the reason to be part of someone's life because the person who connects them to the person is no longer around, they will no longer be seen as family. You will become a stranger in their eyes. 

    Overcoming the pain of losing is a difficult part of life. It would be best if you dared to do it. But as the saying goes, you need to do what you have to do. And you need the things that will help you progress in life. You need reasons to get back on your feet after your loss.