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Mothers are the ones who keep the family united. They are the ones who glue the family members together whether for gathering or a simple occasion.  A mother is the one who makes the home feel like home, makes all the cooking, and entertain the family with her stories about life. Once the mother passes away, the environment changes and the family needs to fill in the gaps that she had left. The father will take the role of both a mother and father of the family. Sometimes, for some people it is the eldest daughter who would take the role of the mother.


It will leave a big space in the family that could result for some emotional changes as well as how the bereaved family deals with upcoming social occasions. Even if the relationship in the family is not perfect, her passing can be devastating. As a family member, you will have the emptiness inside and will be missing her all day.

 Though it is hard but it is part of growing up and life must go on. The pain of her losing is incomparable to any situation in the world. Some may not notice the big impact it cause to the family to cope up with the heavy feeling, other people will do things that will remind them of their mother as they wait for the pain to come at ease. But you can remember her in a different way and still feel her love all throughout your life.


You and your family can have an urn bracelet to remember and be with her whenever the family goes as if she is still there. Thus, this urn jewellery can be a family tradition  that connects you to her and will help you create new memories to treasure. This will embody your mother’s love, care,and wisdom  that you will remember forever as these jewelleries are created and designed to comfort you. It is crafted to make sure to put a smile on your face as you remember your loved ones.


Losing loved ones is never easy, all the reserved emotions will come out; pain, sadness, grief and devastation. It will turn 180 degrees of your life and the things that used to be beautiful will be dull and lifeless especially when you lose the person who gave your life. That one person whom girls call their best friend and fashion critique and the boy’s standard for a girlfriend. She is irreplaceable and will always be the best. 


In celebration of Mother’s day, commemorate her warm hugs, care and love by spending time with the family and  prepare a small gathering that will remind you of her good memories while creating new beautiful ones. Though she can no longer join for the momentous event, she will always remain in the hearts of everyone and take part in every journey of the family as you wear a lovely token that represents her everlasting love. Moving forward may not be easy, yet it will help you become the better version of yourself as you carry with you her teachings and ways of life.