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In our daily lives, our emotions change. It differs from being so happy to very sad. These are the things that are normal in our daily lives. We encounter different things that cause these changes. It affects how we interact with people around us and how we respond to the things life offered.

There are a lot of things that cause changes in emotions. It can be the feeling of being neglected by someone you admired or getting the lowest score in the exam. These feelings are the definition of how we define the highest and lowest points of our lives.

We feel so happy when we marry the love of our life. Such instances will become the highest point of our lives. We felt so sad when we lost for the first time. That is the lowest point of your life--when you are no longer able to see their face and hear their voice. 

For this reason, you feel shocked about losing them. You would deny the reality that they are gone and will no longer come back. You will experience mood swings that would affect your emotional and mental health.

You will feel mad at yourself for doing nothing to retain their life. And when the reality comes, you will refuse to see it. You will make ways to distract yourself and sometimes blame others for your misery. 

You will feel empty, especially when you see the urn for burial as it is where the remains of your loved one are placed. You will seek more of their face and be lost in your imagination that they are still alive. 

When you experience a tremendous loss of a loved one, it is okay to be not okay. Understandably, the tears will never go away that easily. It needs time to heal and accept that they are no longer with you. It is painful if this is the first time you experience someone who has passed away in your family. 

Not all the people around you understand how you express your feeling of losing a loved one. Let them think what they think about your grief because they are not the ones who lost a loved one - it is you. Allowing yourself to grief doesn't mean losing all your sensitivity to things. You still need to know what is going in your family and surroundings. 

You need to know who you can trust in helping you to survive the grieving pace of your life. Look for someone who can help you win the battle of sadness and will cheer you up. When you experience a significant loss for the first time, it is hard for you to find someone who you can lean on, especially when all family members are grieving too. 

Even though it is usual for grieving people to be worried and scared about what life is ahead of them, one must stay calm and let themselves grieve. Once everything is okay, stand up and start a new journey. You will never know what beautiful things lie ahead of you if you would not take a step out of grief.