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In today's generation, they have a different perspective on people who passed away. Unlike our grandparent's beliefs, they have a somewhat positive outlook about it. Their modern point of view affects how they perceive funerals and burials. They prefer to have a modern urn for ashes to have a touch of today's look.

For them, having a modern feel of all things is the most excellent way to express someone's personality. It also gives a different ambiance to the funeral. Thus, it will also help the mourning family to feel lighter. The family would also feel comforted because even on the last days they will be with their loved ones, the urn keeps the memories alive. 

Moreover, these unique styles of urns catch peoples' attention and would make them curious about them. They can either be fascinated with it or will ignore it. But more often, people who can see unique modern urns for ashes would think that is something new. It is an unusual design since they know about urns. 

Getting different reactions from people is okay. We all have different views on things, and we need to respect each other's opinions. For as long as it consoles our family and represents the person's life and attitude with the urn you got for them that is fine. We don't need to impress others with the things that we love to have. Let them appreciate it themselves. 

Appreciation is earned and not asked. But what's important is that no matter what people say, you and your family are happy with the urns that you got for your loved ones. Take their opinions lightly so they will not add to your stressors. It may not be the words that you want to hear from them. The comforting words that will cheer you up but don't allow it to change your view of things and life. 

If getting a modern and unique style of urns suits your loved one, then go for it. According to studies, young adults in today's generation are already preparing for the things needed when they pass away. Thus, some of them secure themselves a lot to where they will be buried. Others are enrolling themselves in life insurance, while others are still deciding on what things they would like to do in the future. 

The generation today takes every challenge of life lightly. They don't want to stress out on things that they can't control. But focus on the things that they know are going to happen in the future. They positively take life's challenges. They have the attitude that will either scare or make their parents happy.

  1.  They love challenges.
  2. They are adventurous.
  3. They want to explore the world on their own.
  4. They take losing a loved one as a norm that they need to accept.
  5. They love modernization. 

These are primary characteristics that we can see in them. They want to navigate their life because they know that they are fully capable of doing it. They sometimes don't want any arguments because they want a peace that will invite good energy. 

That is why when they are asked by the elderly to choose the urn design for their loved ones, they will always opt-out for modernization because that is the vibe they want to give to the people. They don't want the loneliness to take place during the funeral because it will be sadder. 

Changing the ambiance of the funeral would not mean that they don't respect their loved ones. They don't want to be trapped in sadness and want to celebrate the life of their loved ones when they are still alive. They want to commemorate the person by dwelling on happy thoughts. 

On the other hand, these gratifications will be so overwhelming. They may not control it and will cause a delay of grief. You may want to guide them with how they express things. We would not take away their liberty to express themselves. Allow them to overcome the sadness they have inside their hearts. We all grieve differently, and we let them have their way to heal. 

We only need to remember that we all adjust to what life gives us every day. It is up to us how we manage and take them. We can either win the day or lose it. But when we know that we strive hard to have the best of everything, that is the time we know things are in place. We know that we would do our very best for our loved ones.

Personalization and uniqueness are part of knowing our loved ones. It always comes to everything we do for them. We personalized things according to who they are, and we choose a unique piece of urn for them because there is no one like them. They are a unique gem that we need to treasure for the rest of our lives.