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We seldom see jewellery made from ashes of their loved ones. Because we often see that ashes are either placed in an urn or scattered in the air. But thinking of a creative way to remember our loved ones is an excellent thing. We can do this by giving them honor or appreciation for being part of our lives.

If you want to have your departed loved ones remain close to your heart, consider getting a piece of jewellery made out of ashes. Some stores would help you personalize the jewellery you like.

  • Cremation Rings

You can mix the ashes of your loved one and turn them into a cremation ring that you can wear forever. You may have it personalized according to what style you like. You may also add some crystals to it to look even more beautiful when you wear it. 

  • Cremation Pendants

With cremation pendants, you can either mix the ashes to form a pendant or create a locket where you can store some of the ashes you have of your loved ones. A small part of their ashes will be taken to put inside the locket. You can choose the style of your pendant;

  1. Cylinder locket. It will give a nice feeling because it will assure you that nothing will be put to waste with the ashes you put inside the cylinder locket as it is sealed.
  2. Round Pendant. It will give you an impression of the infinite love you have for your loved ones. 
  3. Cross like Locket. You can have this unique pendant piece that will set you apart from the usual memorial pendant you see.
  4. Heart shape Locket. It is a universal design for a memorial pendant, but it is very worth it. It is still within the taste of all generations. 
  5. Teardrop shape Locket. A unique piece of jewellery that has a profound meaning. Because they say, every tear you cry for your loved ones is precious water they can take into the next life.

There are pre-made lockets that are offered in some stores that you can visit and check their designs. If you don't want to have much time to go back and forth to have a customized plan for your memorial jewellery, you may deliver to them directly the ashes of your loved ones, and right then, you choose jewellery that you like to have. 

  • Cremation Beads

These are unique jewellery you will see for storing ashes. Because they don't hold ashes, ashes are mixed to form beads gathered to create jewellery. Cremation beads are common in South Korea, where families prefer to have the remains of their loved ones as the materials for making beads. It also comes in different colors, so customers can choose colors according to what they like. 

  • Crystal and Diamonds

Have you heard of ashes inside crystals and diamonds? You can do that. Some companies offer these kinds of services to level up your creativity in honoring your loved ones. According to research, ashes are turned into graphite and placed inside a diamond seed crystal. It is set a high temperature of heat, after which it will set aside for a few weeks before it will be cut and designed according to your choice. You can also choose the colors that you like. 

Choosing the right cremation jewellery for our loved ones always depends on how we would honor them. We also need to consult your family members on what piece of jewellery they would like to have for themselves so you can save up time in going back and forth in a memorial store. It is more fun doing the memorial jewel shopping if you are with your family members. You can ask your sister or brother to accompany you in looking for a piece of friendly and beautiful jewellery for yourselves. 

It can also be your bonding moments. The more time you spend going out, look for the perfect store that can accommodate your requirements. You can stop over to have lunch in your family restaurant and chit chat about what is going on in your lives. Not all family members like to open up to everyone. Some would like to have one person they want to confine all their worries and confusions if mom is not around. 

Looking for a memorial jewellery store can be done online too. You can visit a lot of online stores and browse them with your parents. It is an excellent way to teach them how to be a little bit techy these days. This if your parents are not into computers and other technology kinds of stuff. Learning new things with them can be a family bonding.

In the end, getting a unique piece of jewellery made out of ashes is your way of remembering the happy moments and letting go of the pain.