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In memorializing our loved ones, we would like to have something that would remind us about them and the things they have done when they are still alive. Thus, having a name necklace silver would be a great way to remember them. It is very personalized. You can have a different style for your necklace.

Furthermore, it is a beautiful present you can have for yourself or a family member. Other than it is personalized, it also has characteristics depending on the style you choose. It makes the design even more unique. We know that the person's presence is what we need since they are no longer with us. It would be a good thing as representation. 

Many of us still long to have seen and feel the warm hug and love of our loved ones. There are no other words to comfort them for the loss they have experienced, but you can let them know that you are there for them. Give them something where they can divert attention. 

If your family members are undecided as to what style they will be getting as memorial jewellery, you can suggest to them these things;

  1. Pendant Necklace
  2. Memorial Ring
  3. Ash Bracelet
  4. Ash Earrings
  5. Name Necklace Silver

    These are a few items that you can get to remember your loved ones or a suggestion you can give to your neighbor or grieving friends. 

    But among these things, a name necklace would be better. It gives an immediate impression to other people who will make it that the necklace is a tribute to your loved ones. It will also let them remember the name. You allow them to know your loved one by wearing a name necklace. It is because they would be curious as to why you are carrying a different necklace name. 

    The name necklace is a manifestation of the phrases you would like them to know. Phrase like;

    • Remember my love for you
    • You will always be in my heart
    • I will never forget you.
    • Forever and Always

    It might be a simple phrase that we usually hear from people who would like to lure us. But these phrases are meaningful, especially during the time of grieving. It is our comfort that we won't forget them for the rest of our lives through our jewelry. 

    But why would you have a name necklace if you can have ashes jewellery? It will always depend on your style. You can have both as your memorial jewellery. The exciting thing about having a name necklace is that it will automatically smile on your face whenever you wear it. 

    It is not that other memorial jewellery can't smile at you. But when you see the name of your loved ones every day, it is just the same as you are calling them every day as if they are not gone. That is the magic that a name necklace can give to people.

    It is also in silver color. Silver is a special kind of native mineral that is sought after by many people. It is like your loved ones, and they are special people in your life. You would not want to lose them, but life has taken them away. 

    These are only ways to help you remember your loved ones, but the feeling and emotions that you put in them are the perfect ingredients for a piece of memorial jewellery. Jewellery is the gateway where you can release your emotions. 

    Designs are good to beautify, but the best design you can add to your necklace is your heart and effort to remember their love for you so that you will never forget the moments you shared with them. The late-night talks or even the casual hang out with them. These are the important occasions in their everyday life.

    Nevertheless, what matters the most is you and your love for your departed loved one's connection to each other. Getting memorial jewellery would also mean an exercise for you and refreshments. Going out from your home and comfort zone means you will be meeting new people. It is good because it will help you cope up with your loss. 

    When you go out from your home to look for some shops to customize your name necklace, you will be able to get fresh air and socialize with other people. Thus, it is also the best time to experience new things. However, there might still be a little apprehension about going out. But it would be best if you tried for yourself to move on from grieving.  

    If you are still uncomfortable about going alone, you can ask your friend or family member to accompany you. You can try this as your first step of letting go and exercise to maintain your health because we lost our weight drastically when we grieve.