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The first friend you have aside from your parents is your siblings. You may fight over small things when you are little. You compete with your parent's attention. But in the end, you will be each other's best friends. When you wake one day, you realize that they are no longer around to bully you or fight small stuff. One of them lost the fight for life. What is left is your keepsake jewellery ashes to hold and remember your memories with the person. 

Even though they are annoying, you can always run to them because they are a family that loves you. When you don't see them, you look for them anywhere in the house. But when you already found them, you start annoying each other. That is one thing that some people don't understand about having siblings.

Losing a sibling is very painful because you grow up with them. You sometimes share secrets with them because your parents have rules that can't break-- or else thrown outside the house. And as you grow up, you help each other sneak out of the house to attend parties. Those are the memories that you will sure miss with having them around. 

They are also your defender when someone likes to bully you at school when you were a kid. They would fight for you, and especially if you are the youngest. They are likely overprotective of you. You may feel it's a bit irritating because they always have a comment on everything you do. But they are doing it for your sake. They can also help you win the heart of the person you like if you are a man. 

They are protective 

Often, our older siblings are the most protective people in the world. They can compete with our parents with the strict rules for our lives since our parents have given them the authority to look after the younger siblings in the house. They make rules that only they can do work, not our parents. 

They are your best buddy.

When we don't have anyone to drag with the things we want to do, we tag our siblings along because we want to check out the fun we will bring. Even though sometimes they don't like it, they would go along with you since you need someone as a company. 

They are your chauffeur when you need a ride.

When you don't know how to drive, and your sibling has their car, and it goes the same as where you are going, you would probably ride with them so you can save money or pester them along the way. You let them drive you to their destination before going to theirs. Some siblings get mad about it, and some will laugh at it. But they are the best emergency buddies you can call upon when you need help and are in big trouble that you don't want your parents to know.

They are your fashion critique.

Siblings are each other's fashion critique. You help each other with what to wear for the day or discourage them if they don't look. And siblings will give you honest and brutal comments on your look whenever they are in the mood to tease you. But you will love it because it is the little things that make you mad and laugh simultaneously. 

They are your number one (1) frenemy. 

You fight and make up with your siblings. You fight over small things and even on your parent's attention when you are a kid. When you get older, you argue with the things that you like and dislike. But by the end of the day, you always laugh together with what you have said to each other. It is the best thing to have your sibling as your best friend. 

The family is not complete without them.


We make sure that everyone is at home on every family occasion so the celebration will be merrier because the family is complete and healthy. Happiness is unmeasurable whenever the family is whole, and you will never notice the time that has passed by because you are enjoying each other's company. 

But when they pass away, you become shattered along with your parents. You don't know where to run because you need someone who will understand your thoughts and emotions. Your heart is broken and will never be whole again because you lost half of who you are. You lost the person who will write the qualities of people you should date and should not. You lost your hang out buddy. 

It is hard to cope with loss, especially when you lost your best friend. You crumple down, and things will never smooth again. We can reminisce, but we can no longer have it in reality. You will miss their voice whenever they call out your name from the living room to your room, their crazy laugh whenever they win over in teasing you and their faces when they lose the game. But you have keepsake jewellery that will help their memories feel like it's alive. You can keep and wear it wherever you go.