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Our grandparents are the first people we socialize with after our immediate family. They are the first to know when our mother conceived us. They are also the first people whom our parents turn to whenever they need help during our first months in the world. Their love and support are incomparable, and they deserve all the thank you and tributes. Getting a necklace to hold ashes would help us remember their deeds when we're little. 

The grandmother is the person our mother seeks advice for good things for taking good care of babies. She is the best person to ask what a mother should do when she has her first baby. She's also the most considerate person aside from grandpa whenever our parents consistently say no to what we want. The refuge we seek when grandpa and our parents are not around.

Often grandmothers are the ones who are good at taking good care of flower gardens. When mom is busy at work, and grandma is living with us, she always plants beautiful things in your memory. Something that you can use or do when you get old. 

  • She is the best at making recipes besides mom.

  • Our parents are the best cooks whenever they cook. But they have those skills because they inherit them first from our grandmother. When our grandmother is no longer around to pass on the new recipe to us, we can only think and imagine things we used to do with them can no longer be done. The adoration of the things they do is what excites us every day of our childhood days. And we want to remember that for the rest of our lives

  • She is the best at gardening. 

  • Sometimes grandmothers are the best person to ask about flowers since they have this kind of adoration of flowers. And they love to check each of them as if they are their children. You may often see her in the garden when she was alive, talking to the flowers while watering them or planting new seeds. She will never fail to make you smile.

    On the other hand, grandfathers are the best in carpentry or other things that need so much strength, and sometimes they are the silly ones. He is the one whom your father seeks whenever he does not understand your mother's attitude, sometimes when she is still pregnant with you. He is the buddy your father would like to have been with during relaxation and chilling time away from your mom. 

    When he passed away alongside your grandmother, the bliss that you always see at home is no longer the same. You can no longer hear his cheerful voice cracking around the house because he teaches your father daddy jokes. 

  • His jokes are old but the best.

  • Even though some of our grandfather's jokes are a bit out of date, they are still funny as it was the first time. He always makes sure that he will not run out of jokes so that he can make you laugh whenever you are sad and lonely. They are the silliest in the world that sometimes get scolded by your grandmother because he will let you go beyond your limit to explore. 

  • He is your dad's best advice in raising a family.

  • They say the best person you can ask about raising a family is your father, and if paps are not around, you can ask your grandfather. Grandpas are our dad's favourite drinking buddy, and that is also when they would ask advice about how to raise you and support the family. They give the most honest pieces of advice. 

    They teach your father how to be a good dad to you and the best husband to your mom. Grandpa acts as your king when dad is busy at work and too tired to play with his daughter. He is the best partner and sidekick of their grandson's detective games at home. But he is no longer around to drink with your dad. You will miss him big time and the memories you have created with him. 

    Our grandparents love to hang out with us. Even if sometimes they are tired, as long as they have all the energy to play and spend time with you, they will surely give you the best of them. Their absence is a lot to bear. You can find your parents staring in place and swimming in deep thoughts. That is because their passing affects the whole being of you and your family. 

    It will take days or months for your family to accept that they are no longer around to laugh and play with you. And as those days go by, you will realize that you need to grow up and start to heal from pain. You need to console yourself from all the emotions you have left inside your heart. It does not mean that you will forget them, but you need to understand your life ahead of you.