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We all love to wear comfortable clothes. No matter where we go, we always have that go-to comfy clothes with us. In case we feel irritated with the outfit that we have. But when we are attending a funeral, we need to wear appropriate attire to match the occasion we are attending. And wear some accessories that are not flashy, but you think it is suitable, like a urns pendant. 

The way we dress up for a particular event or occasion determines how we understand it. Some people would like to wear clothes that they want. It is not appropriate, especially when they are attending a funeral service. There are ways we can express ourselves without overdressing.

We can still be fashionable in a simple outfit that we would be wearing for the funeral service. Thus, we need to remember that we need to match things to the mood of the place and event. We need to be sensitive to the family's feelings about losing a loved one. And there are things that we need to remember when we are choosing the clothes for a funeral.

Do not wear colourful clothes.

We need to choose the colours that will fit the mood of the place and the event. We can use neutral colours that are not flashy. That is if we don't have black shirts or pants in our closets. But to be safe with the colours you will be wearing. It would help if you went in black or white. Those are two colours that are recognized as standard colours for mourning. 

Do not wear dresses that will show your cleavage or that are too short.

Avoid wearing a short dress with cleavage. It will distract people who are attending the funeral. If, in any case, that most of the clothes in your closet have cleavage, you can wear an inner before it, so the cleavage is covered. We don't want to be the centre of attention at the funeral. We are there to comfort them. 

The centre of the talk is the person and how they were when they were still alive. We can wear jeans and black or white tops to make them more formal and fitting for the occasion. Thus, if possible, avoid wearing a crop top. Even though it is understandable that we are already in the modern era of dressing up and people are already used to this kind of dressing, it is not a typical day. It is mourning and commemorating the day. 

You can wear casual clothes. 

There is no rule that we need to be formal in funeral service unless otherwise, it is. We can wear casual clothes, like polo shirts and sneakers—the things we wear when we are going out. But we need to check again the colour that we will be wearing. We can also wear jackets if it is winter or raining, and it's cold outside. 

Even though most young adults and teenagers today are very familiar with dressing up casually on any occasion, if you are going to a funeral, you can try to blend into what people are wearing. It does not mean that you will wear some gothic dress if you agree with the emotion and people. It is not, but you can wear a blouse and slacks if you are a girl or a young woman, and you can wear a button-down shirt and black slacks. 

In any case, you don't have any of these in your closets. You can look for a white or black polo shirt and pants. You can mix and match the colour. 

You can wear accessories. 

Everyone has free will to do what they want to wear at a funeral. People can access themselves to what they want. But they still need to be mindful even if they're going to wear their diamond ring, silver necklace or bracelet full of gems. They need to be more careful about it. Since there are many people at the funeral, it might get lost, and it will cause a lot of damage and commotion inside the hall.

When people attend this kind of gathering, they use some accessories that are not flashy or small enough to be seen. Some are not wearing any accessories at all, and others use sunglasses as their accessories. 

All the things mentioned above are some of the things we need to remember when we attend a funeral service of someone we know or a loved one. They do not rule that everyone must follow because other funeral services depend upon the last request of their loved one before they pass away. But most of the people who are attending funeral services do these kinds of things. 

It does not intend to command anyone, but these are suggestions that they may want to take in since they want to comfort the family of the deceased.