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Sadness is what we feel when we lose our dear pets. They are one of our happiness and the reason why we survive each day. They are our inspiration when we no longer have anyone we can lean on. But the sadness will fill the room when they are no longer around. The pet ashes jewellery we have for their remains will remind us that we have lovely and delightful days. 

Their passing rips our hearts into pieces. But there are things that we have not to regret, and we are thankful for. Even though it is sad that we can no longer be with our dear fur babies, the memories we have created with them are the most special. We are thankful for all the times that they have been with us. 

  • Thankful for meeting such an incredible companion.

  • Humans can be great companions, but they will leave you when they have seen and feel that they need to go. Pets are different. They will always be loyal to their owner. They don't need much from them. They only need love, care and support. In return, they will be grateful to you and will never leave your side until the day they pass away. 

    Meeting wonderful pets like ours is a blessing from heaven. They are one of a kind, and losing them is a painful event for us. But we are thankful that we had a good time knowing them as they are to us. The bonding you have shared with your pet may be short enough to create one book, but they are the most beautiful memories you can always return to. 

  • Thankful for the new perspective of life. 

  • When you become a pet owner, you will see a different perspective of life. You will be able to discover the life of your pet, and you will become aware of how they will live their lives. They teach how to become patient and care for other animals. They let you see the other side of life that you have not been able to explore until you have them. 

    They have opened up your eyes that there is more of what you see and understand about having a pet. You learn to love them and consider them as family. And they will make you realize that having a pet in your life is the best decision you ever made. But when they are gone, it will wrench you out and be the most heartbreaking day of your life. Yet, you are still thankful for the realization and experience that you had. 

  • Thankful for unconditional love. 

  • Pets are loyal to their owners. They only need a little pampering and love from you, and they will become loyal. They will obey you because you are good to them. When you genuinely care and love them, they can feel it, and they will reciprocate the love you gave unconditionally. 

    They may no longer be around to make you feel that love again. But they know that you are thankful for all the love they have given you, and they have loved you with all their life. 

  • Thankful for making me a compassionate person. 

  • If they have let you see the things you have not discovered yet and realize that it was good, thank your fur babies for it. Pet owners can see the other side of life because of their fur babies, and if you are one of those people, you are more blessed than anyone else. It is because you have been observing how your pet changes your life. 

    From that point, you have become more compassionate about the things in line with animals and other life on earth. They let you see that there is more of what meets the eye- emotions. And that is something that is precious. You become more concerned about the lives of other people and animals around you. Thank your fur baby/ babies for it because they have let you see it.

  • Thankful for the strength and peace.

  • When all the things surrounding us create chaos and confusion, we would like to go home to have peace of mind. Our fur babies understand if we are stressed or feeling under the weather. They know that mom/ dad needs time for themselves. But they will make sure that they are there to give you strength. 

    If you have observed your fur babies making weird gestures or faces while staring at you, it means that they want to make you smile. They want to ease your stress and give you peace. But other fur parents only need to see their fur babies, and they are all good. It gives them the energy and relaxation they need to have a good night. Their fur babies are the kind of rest they need after a long day. 

    Even though it is painful that they are gone, we are still thankful that they have existed in this lifetime, and we have come to know them. They are our hope and guiding light.