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Many children around the world did not experience life with a dad. They lost their dad while still inside their mothers' wombs, and some did not know about their fathers. But those children who have their father's with them throughout their lives are lucky. But they have grandfather's who become their father. And when they pass away, a wooden urn for ashes is the best option to preserve their remains.

Even if they cannot experience being with their biological father, grandfathers always make sure that they don't feel miserable and lack a father figure in life. They want to make their grandchildren feel that they have a complete family like other children they know. They are the best at making their grandchildren happy, and they like to spoil them with things. 

Losing a grandfather is like losing a best friend. Grandfathers are like wood in the forest. A lot of rain and storm had passed and remained standing and firm. They are not easily barred down. They are the man of the house. And we lost them brought immense sadness to the family. 

They have sacrificed everything for us. They fill in the role of our biological father since they are not around. Even if they don't need to change our nappies, they still help our mother. They teach us about carpentry at a young age. Their reminder about courting girls and socializing with boys will remain in our hearts. 

Aside from these things, they have taught us to be tough when they are not around and more. Their presence is one of the most important things that we want in our lives. The things we have learned from them will forever remain and the memories we have with them. 

  • His laugh

  • No matter how many years have passed, their laughter will always ring a bell in our ears. Whenever we hear someone who has the same laugh as him, we immediately look back or look for that person. We will never forget the times that they make us laugh so hard. It will linger in our being for the rest of our lives. 

    Even though they are no longer around, we would like to remember them with their beautiful smiles and laughter. Whenever we are in a bad mood, remembering our grandfather's laughter makes the mood so light and happy that what we missed about them so much. 

  • His Humor

  • Even though they are at their age, their humour never fades. They have this kind of aura that will make you laugh even if they don't say anything funny. They are the ones who tend you whenever your mother and grandmother are not around. They are not experienced as them but have done their best to take care of you. 

    This includes their humour. They make faces to make you laugh when you are crying. They make a weird sound to hear our laughter and would go on until they get tired. But if they are already tired after a long day, they will always make time to spend time with you and make you laugh. 

  • His Eyes

  • They say that the eye is the window to the soul. Grandfather's eyes are fixated on their grandchildren. In every move you make and every step you take, they want to see it, and it makes their hearts flutter. They are also very observant with anything related to you. 

    Their eyes tell thousands of beautiful stories that you want to read and see. That includes the moment you came into their lives. They can tell you over and over again how happy they are that you are born. They won't trade the tiredness and sacrifices they made for you because they are all worth it. 

  • His advice

  • The words of grandfathers are given from the heart. They will not tell you something that they don't mean unless they are intended as a joke. But sometimes, their jokes are a way of reminding us about things in life. Life is boring without this advice. They are the backbone of who we are in the future. 

    Aside from our mother and grandmother, grandfathers have their way of telling their grandkids pieces of advice. Their advice engraves in our hearts, and they will remain until the last strand of our hair. And pass it on to the next generation of the family. 

    Even though they are no longer around to give us advice and feel their presence, they are like the wood in the forest. They will remain remembered for the sacrifice and the strength they have given to help us grow up as a fine person as we are today. So to make them proud of us, we need to be the better version of ourselves. But in anything that we do, they are proud of us. They will always be one of our heroes.