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Remembering someone with memorial jewellery is our way of keeping their memories alive in us. But some people are capable of recalling each event of their lives. Even the most minor details of the particular event they can remember, this condition is called Hyperthymesia. It is not known to everyone who cannot experience or encounter this kind of condition.  

It may sound like a joke, but it is true. According to a study, there are only 61 people around the world who have this rare condition. It is a kind of condition that is not as popular as any other human condition that people know. We may think that it only exists in fantasy movies and have it exaggerated. But it is a fact that we must learn.   

These people can remember everything they do from the time they can talk and understand things around them. They can recognize people, events, and things. According to a study, patients with this kind of condition describe it as an eternal running of a movie scene in their minds and feel exhausted. And it is hard for them to erase the time when they lost the person they loved. When they lost their loved ones, they still can remember the person's face and the things they have done while the person is still alive. 

Since they can remember everything, they can tell you details about what they love about the person and the last word they have. But like any other human being in the world, they can feel hurt and lose at the same time. They are no exception in dealing with the pain of losing someone they loved. They also need comfort from people who know and care for them.  

Furthermore, they need someone who will not tell them about the things they already know. It will become a repetitive memory that will add to their minds. But would there be a different treatment for this kind of person when they are grieving? The answer is no. You can see them as ordinary people who have an incredible memory and ample data storage of date information in their brains. 

Comforting is no different than how we console people who have regular brain memory. But we need to be more careful with the words we say to them since they can recall every single thing we tell and do to them. On the other way around, your comfort and consoling words will remain to them and can be a source of strength to survive the pain they are experiencing. 

  • Time

People with this rare condition sometimes refuse to have time for themselves. According to a study, they refuse to have time off after burying the remains of their loved ones or scattering their ashes because there is no use for it. They can still remember vividly the things about the person and the feelings they had at that time. They need to continue what they are used to. 

  • Process

Like most of us, they need time to process everything that happened to them. Losing someone in the family or a friend is never easy. They need time to absorb these things and process them on their own. Dealing with it will be hard for them because they can still feel and recall the day. 

 The use of memorial jewellery has a different purpose for them. It does not remember their loved ones but to have a reminder that the beautiful days are coming. And letting go of the past does not mean forgetting them but making it a foundation to move forward to life's journey. It also means that they are like any other people globally but with a more incredible memory. 

Discussing this rare condition is also awareness to every one of us that people grieve like us but can't forget everything. They can still recall the things, good or bad. And they need to be treated like any other people who have regular memory capacity. They cry when they are hurt, and they starve when they don't have something to eat. 

If you have met or know someone who has this kind of condition, be good to them and treat them well. These people will remember things that you do for them. If you are a friend to them and they lost a loved one, inform them that in time things will be okay as it was before. Thank them for their existence because they can only hear these words to few people who genuinely know them well. 

In the end, we grieve differently, but we feel the same. It is just that we have different ways on how we handle our grief and sadness. For we know ourselves, and we want to be comforted in our practice and what others want us to be.