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We all have heard about the issue of bullying. It is getting more severe than we thought it could be. A lot of people died because of these incidents. Some of the victims of bullying have taken their lives because they can no longer take the pain inside them. When a family member passed away because of bullying, some people decide to have their remains placed in an urn with love. 

It is because they want to remember the person with joy in their hearts. It is their way of overcoming the grief of how they lost their loved ones. It is the most painful experience for a family to lose the person they love over bullying. Over time, these incidents cause a lot of chaos in the world. 

Some of us may experience it, whether at home, at school, or anywhere we go. There is always some point in our lives that we get bullied. But it is more evident to people who are different from the community where they live. Comforting them would be hard to do with family or someone who lost a loved one over bullying. 

Bullying is everywhere. It can start in your school. It will begin as a simple teasing from your classmates, and the next thing you will know, the entire school teases you. Your boss can do power tripping and may result in bullying you. We won't realize it until it sinks in within you. 

We all want to have a place where we can move freely and express ourselves in the manner that we like to be respected. And it is uncomfortable to either go to school or work in an office where you fear that someone would bully you. We need a space in every place we go to be free and to feel free. 

But some people are suffocated by their environment in that they don't know how to escape. It causes them to take their lives, which is the saddest part for someone who is part of their family. Cremating their remains doesn't mean we don't respect them. But we want to have their remains turned into ashes to preserve them and take away the pain of what happened. 

But what are the benefits of having your loved ones' remains placed in an urn? Will it change things how they are now and what they will be in the future? The answer is yes. It will help you transform your perspective and talk about remembering people you love. Here are a few reasons why:

  • It will remind you of them

There is no reason you will not be reminded of a beautiful person if you have an urn sitting inside your house. You will remember them before you go to work and when you get home. It feels like they are not gone, but the difference is that they are no longer suffering from other people's bullying. 

It is an excellent way to create new memories and forget what happened that causes their lives. It is painful and hurtful, but with the help of the urn that was picked with love, you will get over it. It does not mean that you will forget the person's memory but the negative things that happened to them. 

  1. It gives you peace of mind. 

Having not left the house to visit your loved one will give you peace of mind. You will not think about leaving your home and experience traffic jams on the road going there. It is an excellent way to keep their memories alive in us. You know that you can visit them at any time. 

It calms you whenever you are troubled because you know that the remains inside that urn are the person you trust the most and understand you. However, it is better to see and talk to them in person because you want to see their faces and look them in the eyes while giving you advice. But you can still talk to them while looking at the urn of the remains. You can speak to them with your heart in mind. 

  • It expresses how you feel.

Living with an urn is a choice for everyone. It is the choice we make for our loved ones and the family that they left. Thus, it also expresses how we feel about a particular person. An urn in your house means that you don't want to go away from your family members. 

You want to have them with you in your house or your garden because you want to tell the people around you that they are still present inside you. You express your love for them. You are grateful for the life they render here on earth when they are still alive. It is a unique expression of love and loyalty to the person. 

Not everyone has the guts to live in a house with an urn, even if their loved ones remain. It creeps them out. But since it is your loved one, you would like to have their remains placed in an urn and bring them home with you so you will not be worried about where you bury them. 

In the end, having an urn where your loved ones remain is a place is a good thing to overcome the pain of the bullying incident. It is because you feel relief that they will no longer be hurt about what other people are saying about them. Bullying is a serious matter that needs to be discussed and be stopped.