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Some people think that fur parents justify their pets passing away when they feel so lonely and don't want to go out of their room or house to socialize with other people. They think that these fur parents are overreacting to what happened to their pets. Some of the fur parents have pet ashes necklaces to remember their dear fur babies. They have this kind of jewellery because they want to relive the moment they have with their fur babies. 

It is hard for fur parents to let the memories they have with their pets. They care and love them so much. That is why they are mourning their loss. But some people do not seem to understand the emotion of a fur parent. And would say things that thought is okay to tell a mourning fur parent. 

Here are some things you should not say to a fur parent, even though you don't understand what they feel. These phrases might be why they will distance themselves from you and would no longer talk to you. That is why you need to know these things to avoid them and remember them as well. 

  • They are only animals, and you can replace them.

  • Anyone with a pet doesn't treat their pets as animals that can easily be replaced. They are family to them, and they don't want anything wrong to happen to them as well. So, if you have a friend who is a fur parent, and lost their fur babies, comfort them by not saying these words. 

    You can comfort your friend without telling them they can get another pet. Instead, let them cry and be silent for a while. Let them absorb the pain of losing their fur babies. There is no need to tell this because they know it, and it is unacceptable for them.

  • You can buy another pet. 

  • They can always buy a new pet to love and care for. But you can't say this phrase while fur parents are still mourning because it will hurt them even more. If you are their friend, they think you don't care about how they feel even though you intend to comfort them. 

    Getting another pet is like replacing a loved one—fur parents' thought of their pets as their loved ones or next of kin. The pampering they have given to their fur babies is like parents to their human babies. For them, they are their children, and they can't live without them in their lives. That is why they are sensitive to this kind of thing. 

  • They are old and bound to be gone in this lifetime. 

  • It is the brutal way of telling a fur parent that every living thing ends. We will be all gone in this world. That is unacceptable to them. They want to live with their fur babies for a long time, and they don't want them to go. 

    When you say this to them, they will either hate you or will ignore you. Some fur parents can understand that sometimes there are people who do not know what to comfort someone. But some are so sensitive that they will not understand or think clearly. Choosing the right words to say are important. 

  • You should move on right away. 

  • Grieving is a process that needs time and space. You don't need to push someone to move on from their loss right away. If you have a friend or a family member who lost their fur babies, allow them to grieve at their pace. Don't rush them into moving on. 

    Understand that people have different ways to move on from the pain. Some people need a short time to accept the situation and can quickly move on from it, and some need a long period before they can free themselves from pain. It would be better to give them time and space to breathe and realize things by themselves instead of forcing them.

  • They are already old anyway.

  • Even the pet is already old and is nearly gone. They would still hope for a long life for their fur babies. Fur parents still hope for the best for their babies and would believe in the miracle for as long as they can live with their fur babies for a long time. That is why telling them these things would affect their mental and emotional stability. 

    They will either feel guilty for the times that they could not attend to their fur babies needs or left them without care. That resulted in their passing or shortness of their life span. They will blame themselves for what happened and sometimes end up in an emotional breakdown. If you don't want that to happen, avoid telling them this. 

    Some people might not understand these emotions and all these things. And can easily say words without thinking about how it will affect the sad person. Our parents' lives are precious, and like their owners, we take care of them and love them. When they're gone, it is heartbreaking as you have lost your favourite person in the world. When you have a friend or family member who is mourning for their lost fur babies, comfort them by not telling them these things.