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Every girl's dream is to walk down the aisle with the first man they ever loved in their whole life, daddy. They want to share the best moment with that person. But when their daddy is no longer around to walk you down the aisle. Happiness and sadness fill the place because this moment is supposed to be a family event. Despite what happened, they can still walk the aisle with the necklace for ashes with their father's remains. 

This memorable moment will not be possible if the person is not around. Having the necklace for ashes worn by the bride will make them feel that their father is still around and will walk them down the aisle. And if you are a bride-to-be, you would also want to walk down the aisle with your father and mother. That will be the happiest moment you will ever remember for the rest of your life. 

With this necklace, you will feel the warm congratulations and embrace that your father will give you. Even if he is no longer beside you, you know that he is happy for the new journey you will be entering. Thus, the necklace will be your reminder of all the things that he teaches you when you are young. And you can teach this to your future kids. 

These things you learn from them are the motivation you are keeping until the day you have found the man you want to spend the rest of your life with;

  1. Finish studies before getting into a serious relationship
  2. Respect other people
  3. Be sensitive with the words you say.
  4. Be considerate at some point
  5. Choose a man that will take care of you and your future kids for the rest of their life.

Fathers are the best advisers when it comes to choosing the man their girls want to marry. They are also the person their daughters run to whenever they have carpentry needs. They are the best in the eyes of their daughters. That is why weddings are sometimes becoming a tribute to the parents for raising them well and their sacrifices. 

But since your father is no longer around to walk you down the aisle, do your last dance and give you advice about men. You can have the necklace for ashes to provide you with warm hugs and kisses that you are longing for from the day he left. You may think that is unfair because it did not let your dad reach your wedding day before they passed away, but there is a purpose for everything. 

You may lose someone you loved, but you gain someone you can spend the rest of your life with. You can wear your necklace for ashes not only on your wedding day but the rest of your life. It is hard to lose a good father, especially if you lost them a few months before your wedding day. When all has been planned, and everything is doing so well. And suddenly, in a glimpse, you lost him. 

From the time you know that he is already gone, it changes your mood and replaces the excitement into sadness. You don't know where to start and how to proceed with the plan. It shifted your view on how your wedding would look like. It will no longer be as happy as you expected it to be because you lose him. And until his burial, it is still surreal to know that you will be going home without a dad. 

It is even harder to imagine how your mom would walk down the aisle with your dad by her side. You know that they want to walk with you down the aisle, but she will be walking alone holding your hand. Yet, you can also get your mom a necklace so she won't feel alone and lonely. She will be able to feel the warm love of your father as she walks the aisle with you. 

You know that it is harder for her to go home because she no longer has a husband to come home to. And a partner that she can cry on whenever she has bad dreams at night. On your wedding day, you can walk the aisle with a smile because you know that there are three of you on the aisle; you, your mom, and the necklace for ashes as a representation of your dad. 

You can enjoy your wedding day as you want because you know that your dad is also happy seeing from heaven. The necklace for ashes he left for the both of you will assure you that his memories and teaching will remain in your heart for the rest of your life and teach them to your kids. It is also a reminder that you are his precious gift given from heaven, and he is happy to the woman you become and the mother you will be in the future.