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Everyone has a story to tell, and they're always ears that are willing to listen. They can tell a story through a song, a letter, or even in personalized urns for the departed loved ones. These stories come from experiences. And these are the stories where you can get a lesson to apply it in your life. 

Every time someone passes away, the officiating minister of the funeral service would like to ask someone in the family to make a eulogy or say something about the person. When all the braveness and courage they have gathered, not shedding any tears while talking will shatter, and tears will betray them. Either you or any of your family members will remember the happiest moment you had with the person and the last days you spent with them.

These happy thoughts can create an idea of how you will honor your departed loved ones on their last day. It will give plenty of creative ideas of how you will design their urns according to who they are. Getting an urn for your loved one is the most challenging part of saying goodbye to them because you will no longer see them. But that doesn't mean you will forget them and the vibe they gave you whenever they are around. 

  • Carved Wooden Urn

You can order a wooden urn and have it carved with the animal or scenery that reminds you of them. A very personalized urn is a beautiful way of saying goodbye to the person and at the same time honoring the life they have served here with us while they are still alive. It will also leave an impression to your other relatives that the person's good image will remain for the rest of your life. All you need to do is give the artist to carve the image, the theme you like to see, or the picture you would like them to copy. 

  • Engraved Images

If you want to be more detailed about the personalization of the urns, you may engrave their pictures on their urns. It is even more touching to have their image be added to the urn because the family will be reminded of their smile whenever they come home, do a family visit, or a usual gathering. A smile that will lighten up the mode of everyone whenever they are around. Though they are no longer around during this occasion, the sunshine they always carry with them will remain through the image added in the urn. 

  • Pain the Urns

If you have all the materials needed to design an empty urn, you may consider painting it. You may look for a store that offers an urn that doesn't have any designs yet. But it would be best to make sure that the urn you buy is ready to use in transferring ashes. So once you have already painted the things the person likes on the urn, you may send them to the crematorium so they will move the urn for you. You may also write their name, date of their birth, and the day they passed away. 

  • Unique Shape Urn

Aside from designing a pre-made urn and going with the usual design of the urn that you always see, you can look for a store that meets your idea of what urn shape you would like to have for your loved one. You can go with your imaginations. Let the person's life reflect the design of the urns you will use for their ashes. It will be a long-lasting impression to anyone and will give a great lesson in life that you don't need to do ordinary if you can go with extraordinary. You can have some of these options to get out from the usual jar shape like urn design;

  1. Tear-eye design urn
  2. temple-like urn
  3. pumpkin-like urn
  4. Kettle like urn

These may seem unusual, but it gives a lasting impression that urns don't need to be boring. They can cultivate ideas that you never imagine would be possible. All you need to do is look for a store that can connect with your thoughts to achieve your goal. Once you never forget why you are doing these things, once you forget who and why you are making all these, you will lose the person's essence because you will be consumed by other people's thoughts seeing the outcome of the urns. 

But we need to be reminded that no matter how unique or straightforward the urns of our loved ones will be, the essential thing matters is that we honor them and love them. We have highs and lows in our life, and sometimes personalized urns say it all. And urns can tell everyone who sees it that its owner is unique and beautiful in their way. 

These suggestions will give you an idea of how you will honor your loved ones but don't rely only on what you read to go beyond it and give out your very best. And please know that all the people around you appreciate all your efforts.