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We all have that one pet that we can't live without seeing them. These pets are the one that takes our worries away and have been a part of who we become because they are our constant companion since we were little. And when they are gone, it is like we are losing half of who we are, and we don't know where to begin our day because of what happened. Having ashes into jewellery pets helps us go through to our daily lives. 

There might be some uncertainties along the way. But it will help you accept things little by little and understand the time that life has given for you and your little friend. It is difficult to process what we will go through once we decide to face the reality that they are no longer physically with us. The only way we can escape is by accepting reality.

We treat our pets as either our siblings or kids that we love to hang out with every day. We scold them whenever they miss behaving. We reward them when they are doing good. They teach us how to appreciate other animals and love them like our own. 

  • They are members of the family.

We love our animals as we love our human family members. We care for them and make sure that they are well-groomed. We shelter them so they will not be loitering around the town and caught by bad people. After we lose them, it feels like a big part of the household was lost too. 

  • Grieving Process

We do discuss with other people in the family how we grieve for our beloved pets. We cry and tell everyone we miss them. But they don't truly understand what it feels like to be in our shoes if we don't tell them. They only feel half of the emotions we are going through with the loss. It is when we are the closest person and so attached to our pets. 

When we lose a pet for the first time, we don't know where we are heading after because our mind is so full of grief that we sometimes lose control of it. When things get rough for you and you feel like you are already drowning in pain, seek help from your family members. 

  1. Tell them how you feel because they will help you cope up with it. 
  2. Acknowledge the pain that you are feeling. The more you deny it, it will be harder for you.
  3. Talk to people that you know understand how you feel.
  4. Write letters for your pet and share them on your social media so a lot of people will be able to comfort you with their stories. 
  5. Take time to accept everything. 

  • Sharing your grief

It is not easy to share your grief with other people. It will take up all the courage you have inside before you can open your mouth and say a word. You need the right timing before you can fully tell others what you feel about the situation and how you would like to handle it. You need an assurance that once you will open up with them and show them what you feel, they will not leave you alone. 

Talking to the right people is very important, especially at times like this. They are the ones who will help you walk through the path of pain and slowly open the door of moving on. These people are the ones you need at your down moments. They know what makes you happy, and they know you better than they can feel relief.

  • Adopting new pet

 It is a long journey for all of us to move on from one family member to another. It takes a lot of time to adopt another pet to love and care for. But getting a new pet will help us forget the pain and bring back the sunshine that was gone when we lost our precious little buddy. Adopting a new pet will help us create new memories while remembering the beautiful ones from the past.  

It will help us appreciate them more. We can get matching memorial jewellery with our new pet as a commemoration of the wonderful life of the previous dog we had. It will be a more meaningful new journey because we know that they never left us, but they stay in our hearts for the rest of our lives. The matching memorial jewellery will be a reminder of the love you had for your deceased pet and pass it on to the next pet you will have. 

Our pets are part of who we are as humans. They are the balance that we need to care for both man and animals. They test our patients on things. But we never get tired of spoiling them with treats. They are our best companions and forever will be. If you have pets at home, care for them, love them and show them home is where the family lives.