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Reliving Memories With a Loved One Who Passed Away

The passing of a loved one may come at an unexpected time. Sometimes, we are not yet even ready to let them go. However, at some point, we know that we need to move forward. The good thing is, there are ways we can relive our precious memories with them.

Here are the ways to make our moments with them alive.

  1. Have a portrait of you and your loved one.

You can choose a perfect photo of you and your loved one and have a portrait of it that you can display at home, at your office, or wherever you wish. Seeing the portrait will always take you to that memory lane. Seeing that portrait will also remind you to just remember your good memories with them—the brighter days. You can also even ask the artist to incorporate your loved one’s ashes in the painting if you desire.

  1. Have a themed urn.

If your departed loved one is cremated, there are many resting places to choose from for his ashes. You can choose from the different cremation urns, keepsake ashes urns, or ashes urns jewellery. To remember him, you can choose a themed urn. Among the themed urns here at urnsuk.com are as follows:

  • Angels
  • Butterflies
  • Nature/Birds
  • Flowers
  • Hearts
  • Stars
  • Teardrops
  • Hobby/Sports
  • Contemporary
  • Religious

Look at what the hobbies or interests that your departed loved one has. You can also look at a symbol that best describes him. From that, you can pick a themed urn as a vessel for his ashes.

  1. Create a video or a slideshow of your loved one.

You may have video clips or photos of your departed loved one. You can collect them and make a heart-warming video clip of those precious captured moments. This way whenever you miss him or simply want to relive the moments, you can watch the video.

  1. Create a scrapbook.

Scrapbooking is one of the most creative ways you can honour your departed loved one. In a scrapbook, you can put almost anything—photos, letters, little things that remind you of that person, among others. You can print photos of your memories with him and stick them in the scrapbook. You can also treat the scrapbook as your journal and keep them close to urns and caskets where you’re writing for that loved one. To make it more personalized, design the scrapbook according to your loved one’s personality. Cut out old magazines, grab some cute stickers—make something creative out of them. Gather your loved one’s favourites like poems, handkerchief, bracelet beads, etc.

The process of creating the scrapbook is as precious as when it is already finished. It’s always beautiful to grab the scrapbook and flip those pages whenever you miss your loved one.

  1. Visit special places.

One way to keep your memories alive with your departed loved one is visiting the places you want to go together. Those places might have given you beautiful memories that’s why they are your favourites places to go. Whenever you visit the location, you will be reminded of your wonderful moments together. You can visit these places from time to time alone or with your family and friends. You can even bury the cremation urns on these special places to make them ever more special. Every time you visit the locations, you can write a letter for your departed loved one.

The memory of losing a loved one is truly painful. So many people find it difficult to move on. But these examples above are ways that you can substitute those painful memories with the beautiful ones. There may be a reason why our loved ones passed away as early as expected and being grateful for the short time we have been with them is one of the steps to move on.