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Knowing that your loved one passed away battling cancer is a serious matter that the family needs to talk about. But when your pet suffers from this type of illness it breaks our hearts. We can place them in cat urns to make sure that we can be reminded of how awesome their life was.

When people fight against the pain of losing a pet over cancer they go crazy. They don't know what to do or where to pick themselves from the brokenness of losing a cat. They would do things that would relieve the pain temporarily but still goes back crying after the momentum is over. 

Things like these are usually when we lose a person or a pet that we truly love. We can't handle the pain because we know that they suffer a lot from battle with cancer. Cancer is a very tough illness to fight. Only a few people or animals survive cancer. That is why when a cat has this illness, we need to send them to a veterinarian to check on them. And when they lose the battle, it is the most devastating part because you will ask so many things to yourself about how they end up that way.

You don't need to blame yourself for something that is out of your hand. As long as you did your best to take care of them and let them feel the love they deserved in the world that is all worth it. 

Being a paw parent is hard, you need to have a special place in your heart for your pets. You need to double up your patience when dealing with animals. They understand you but, sometimes they don't. 

You can remember your cat through;

  • Cat Urns

  • There are a lot of ways you can remember your cat but having cat urns with their ashes makes it more special. 

  • Engraved plaques

  • You can personalize their memory by making a plaque with their name on it. You can add their name, date of their birth, and the day they passed away. 

  • Photo Album

  • It might be a common thing to do when you commemorate someone or a pet, but this does the work of remembering the life of your lost cat. You can add more related stuff in the photo album like;

    • Nails. Just like a child's first haircut, you like to keep your cat's first cut nails as a remembrance. 
    • Ribbon. If your cat is a girl buy her ribbons to adorn her. You can add that to your photo album. 

  • Paintings

  • If you are an artist who is into drawing and painting, you can draw or paint your cat's favorite position when they are asleep or when they are in a hungry face. This way, you can commemorate them without crying but have a stomach because of laughing.

  • Memorial service

  • You can hold a memorial service for your cat. You can set a cat party for the other cats that are friends with yours. It doesn't need to be grand. You only need your friends, family, and their cats. 

    In decorating your party, you can choose the wackiest photo they have on your phone.

  • Videos

  • You can compile all the videos you have with your cat and burn them into CDs. This way you can play all the moments you have with them and never forget those happy moments. It is your way of coping with the pain caused by the passing of your cat. 

  • Volunteer

  • You can preserve their memories by volunteering in an organization that helps animals that has cancer or any illnesses. It is your way of giving back to your cat even though it is no longer alive. Volunteering in an animal shelter or center is a bit demanding. It will cost so much of your time especially when the shelter is for animals who are sick. But by doing this volunteer work, you help animals that have the same situation as your cat.

    If you still have the guilt of not taking good care of your pet, by doing this you can make up for that. You need to make sure that you are ready; mentally, emotionally, and physically. Taking care of sick animals is heartbreaking and it needs a lot of endurance. 

    There are many things you can choose to remember your cat. You only need to make it personal. It doesn't need to be extravagant or grand. You only need simplicity, and it will take you to the memory you want to remember. 

    Saying goodbye is the hardest part. But you need to be tough to make it through because it needs a lot of courage to get over the grief and move forward with life.