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When a human passes away, we plan everything for the person. We want to make sure that before their funeral, everything is all set. It is the same for our fur babies. We want to do the best funeral for them and decide the best option for their burial. Choosing the best funeral service for our loved ones is not easy. That is why some families do things beforehand, especially when their loved ones are terminally ill. It goes with our pet ashes

We need to make sure that we already have prepared everything needed before burying them, especially when we decide to have them cremated. Our pets deserve a right and well-prepared burial. They are our family that made us happy and took our stress away. And for that alone, they deserve it all, even for the last time.  

Like any person who passes away, we feel hurt and sad for our dear fur babies. We don't want to let go of them because we still have a lot of plans in life with them. The constant companion that we don't want to miss out on every step of the way. And when that day comes, we need to let off their cute little paws because they need to rest and be with the Creator forever. Waterfalls from our eyes as if they have life. 

The hardest part of being a fur parent is learning to let go of your fur baby. Even if they have already passed away, in your heart and mind, they are still alive. You want to live by that truth you have in your mind because you feel it. But what do you need to do after your fur baby passes away? You may want to consider checking out these two (2) things. 

Take your time to grieve.

You don't need to rush yourself to be okay after your pet passes away. Understandably, you need so much time to accept and heal the wounds in your heart. Allow yourself to take some time off from everything you do every day and mourn for your dear fur baby. 

Reminisce the silly days when they run around your house, your cuddle time and the face they put on whenever they are hungry, and you want them to wait before they can eat. Those are the precious moments that you can't trade with anything in this world. You can remember them all and allow yourself to cry because you miss them. You don't need to hide your emotions, especially when you are at home and with the people you love. 

It is not a silly thing to grieve for your fur baby. It is normal, and you should not be ashamed of that. But you need to know your limit. You know when to stop crying because your pet will be upset if you are still crying and have not moved on from it. It does not mean you forget them, but they want you to have the life you already are with them and the life you will have without them by your side. It may be sad, but your fur babies will be happy where they are right now. 

Honour your dear Fur babies.

    There will always be the happiest and funniest after all the crying and sorrowful moments of your life. That is the time when you are making progress by moving on from your grief. You know it because whenever you speak of them, you no longer feel sad and lonely. But pure joy and happiness. The people see the brightness in your face and how your eyes twinkle whenever you speak of your fur babies.

    Gone are the days when you cry because you are hurt. You may still cry a little bit, but it is a cry of happiness and satisfaction that you have to meet such a beautiful creature. They have touched your life and made a mark that no one will ever have—something you can treasure for the rest of your life. It may not be the same happiness when they are still alive, but the joy their memories give you is the inspiration you need to shape up your future. 

    In honouring them, you can have taken some of their ashes to put in keepsake jewellery where you can wear as an accessory that you can be with wherever you go. You can also pay tribute to them by helping other fur parents struggling with their pets' needs. You can donate some of your pet's stuff to them. 

    You can also have their faces painted by the best painter you know and hang them on your room wall so that every time you wake in the morning, you can see them smiling at you. That is for sure will make your day. You can do everything you think would make your pets happy if they are still alive.