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There are certain words we can describe pain when we lose someone we cherished the most in our lives. Those people we talk to whenever we are in confusion or want to sit around. It was the same feeling when we lost our dogs, who have been part of our lives since we were little. You would miss their sound and hugs, but you can honor them by putting their remains in a dog casket. 

They know that you love them more than ever and treat them as your baby. And, these babies deserved a beautiful farewell from their fur-parents. It may be hard to let go of them because they always hang out with you, cling to you, and run to you whenever they see you come home from work. You would want to relive that moment where happy thoughts are within you while watching your dogs run around the backyard. 

When they are still alive, you would not want to be far from them. You want to see them as far as your eyes can see. Their simple cry will make you feel uneasy because you would think that something is wrong with them or feel hungry. All these stay in your memory and will linger forever. Understandably, you would grieve for losing a precious living thing you ever had. 

You may consider these things while you are in the process of accepting the loss of a beloved dog. These options may help you get through the pain;

  • Commemorate their life

It might be the hardest to start off when you lose a dog. It is hard to commemorate how they live their life with you without shedding any tears because the pain of knowing that you will no longer be able to see your dogs is the worst part of grieving. You will drown in despair. While you see them in a dog casket, you can't help but think, why do they have to leave, or why do you experience this. You commemorate their lives by talking to people about how they were as your pet or the things you like about having them all day by your side and alike. 

  • Join a club that lost their pets.

It is better if you have other people who understand your pain because they have gone through the same position as you are. You can open with them about how you feel and ask them how they can cope with it. It may not come easy for the first time, but you will get used to their presence and slowly get close to them. And by that, you can share your thoughts about losing your dog and gain insights from them.

It can be therapy for you as you can pour your hearts out in this kind of club and not think other people will judge you because people who belong in the club understand you. You only need to open up your heart out to them so they will be able to understand you and what you are going through.

  • Scrapbook

You can collect all the photos you capture with your dogs and print them. Create a scrapbook and add some letters on it to become your way of having closure before letting go of pain and accepting that they already passed away. You can remember them through scrapbooking instead of burning or throwing the photos you have with your pet because you no longer want to remember the pain, have them in a scrapbook because one day you would like to look at them again. 

  • New Tradition. 

You can create a tradition for yourself or for all your family members where you can gather and slowly open to talking about your dog's life and how it has been after they left. You can create;

  1. Family Gathering
  2. Pet get together
  3. Volunteer Work
  4. Yearly Animal Artwork visit

There are so many things you can do to have a new tradition. But it would be best if you thought first because all the things that are new to you might be a bit of a heavy load. You need to check yourself if you are ready to step on to a new challenge.

  • Create a Legacy for them.

You might be wondering how you will create a legacy for them. You may make a legacy for your dogs by creating incredible things for other animals. Creating a legacy for someone is not easy because you can't be in their shoes to know what they have done for others all the time. But you can create a beautiful legacy for your dog that can continue unto the next generation. You can plant a tree that is under their name. This tree will help eliminate pollution on the earth, planting may be a small thing, but you can invite other friends to plant trees with you so you will not be alone. You may also build a small foundation that fosters stray dogs and other animals so that you can take good care of them. Name the foundation under your dog's name, and people remember it forever.