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Life is full of surprises and unexpected things. We know we already have a pet to take care of, and the following day, we lost them. We think life is unfair to let us experience blissful things and take them away in an instant. Remembering them with ashes infused jewellery for pets will help us go through all the challenges life gives us. 

It allows you to remember all your happy thoughts with your beloved pet. Whether they are dogs or cats, they are worth remembering. And having a piece of memorial jewellery for them will make the grieving process a lot easier. Thus, you can bring it anywhere you go. But what and where else can we use the ashes-infused jewellery we have?

  • We can let our other pets wear it. 

  • We want to see that our other pets have a piece of their siblings with them. You may want to give your other pets ash jewellery that contains the remains of their beloved siblings. It is a relief that you can share this piece with them because they are part of the family that you are building. It gives you the joy that you always wanted since your pet left. 

  • You can have it as chimes.

  • I know it is kind of odd to think that memorial jewellery is used as home chimes. But you can have it as a chime. You can place it in your entrance door, or you have it in the pet house entrance. You can decorate in a room where you store all their memories. It would be good. It can be the highlight of the room or in your entryway. 

  • Decoration in your memory box.

  • The unique way of repurposing your ashes jewellery is to use them as decoration in your memory box. Some people store them inside the box. But why not try using it as the main decoration of your memorial box so that you can take the commemorative box and look at the design when you want to remember your dear pet. It takes guts to decorate because you would like to treasure it and carefully store them in a secured place. 

  • You can have it as an accessory to your favorite stuffed toy. 

  • Many people like to have stuffed toys in the bed to make them feel secure when they are asleep. At some point, we have that one human-size teddy bear in our bedroom that we love. We like to snuggle in it before we go to sleep. We hug it like a real human being. 

    It was also our comfort when we lost our dearest pet. It is the cotton that catches all our tears. And the best way to remember our pets' lives every day is to have the ashes jewellery added to your teddy bear. In that way, its way you will wake each day reminded that it's a brand new day. And that what happened with your pet is a foundation to have a positive outlook in life. 

  • Hang them at the edge of your mirror. 

  • We all have that favorite mirror in the whole house, where we check our make-ups and outfits. It can be in your room or the living room. But you can place your ashes jewellery in the hardwood part of the mirror so that you will not forget it whenever you are going out. 

    And it is an excellent added accent design in your mirror. But it would be best to make sure that the color and the details go along with the mirror design. It can be destroyed in the sight if it does not blend in with the mirror's design. Thus, it will ruin the purpose of placing it there because instead of having peace of mind, it will cause discomfort. 

  • You can hang it in your room window. 

  • It is good to be waking up in shining jewellery from your ashes jewellery for pet. A beautiful thing that will greet you first thing in the morning will give you a positive vibe to go through the day. It will allow you to enjoy the ray of sunshine through its reflection that hits the jewellery and to your eyes. It will wake you up, like how your pet wakes you in the morning. 

    A routine that you enjoy with them. But since you already passed away, you lose the strength to wake up early and enjoy the sun. That is why having it hang in your mirror will help you wake in the morning and continue to enjoy the brightness of the sun. Like how it was before everything changed after they were gone. 

    You can explore another artistic way of using your ashes jewellery for pets to remember them. You can follow the suggestion, or you can create your design. But it would be best to make your style because you can pour your heart out into the design.